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122525Re: [toyota-prius] 2002 Prius 178K miles other long-term issues ...

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  • David Kelly
    Dec 9, 2012
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      On Dec 9, 2012, at 9:14 AM, Steve H <shighlan@...> wrote:

      > I also asked about valve adjustments at both dealerships I go to up here and they say they've never done one on a Prius. They claim there's no need to do anything with hydraulic lifters. And they said the price would be at least $850 to investigate.

      They are correct about hydraulic lifters but no Toyota I know of has hydraulic lifters.

      Page 33 says at 60,000 miles "Engine valve clearance":


      Timing belt is a 90,000 mile item.

      10 years ago Toyota dealers routinely offered coupons for $300 valve check and adjust service on my Avalon. Only mention online I could find said $450 was quoted on a Prius. The Avalon was nasty as the intake manifold had to come off.

      Checking involves moving the inverter out of the way and removing the top cover on the engine. Each cylinder has to be rotated to top dead center for its adjustment to be checked with a feeler gauge. Is possible to likely at 60k for no adjustment to be necessary but at 178k I have my doubts.

      If adjustment is needed the camshaft(s) have to come out. Adjustment requires replacing the lifter buckets with the proper size (thickness). Other engines use shims over or under the buckets but the Prius replaces the entire bucket.

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