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122524Re: 2002 Prius 178K miles other long-term issues ...

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  • Steve H
    Dec 9, 2012
      I got a few suggestions off list so I did the easy thing first and cleaned out the throttle plate with Q-tips again. I think that did improve things somewhat. It was dirty indeed, but not as bad as the first time it caused trouble a few years back.

      I also asked about valve adjustments at both dealerships I go to up here and they say they've never done one on a Prius. They claim there's no need to do anything with hydraulic lifters. And they said the price would be at least $850 to investigate.

      One thing I didn't mention in my original post is a sense that sometimes the engine revs higher for longer as if it is working harder than it used to, and I wonder if that could mean my hybrid battery is starting down the road to failure. I read that symptoms would be rapid charge/discharge cycles, so I've been watching the charging icon but I don't see anything obviously strange there. Is there anything else to look for in that department?

      Thanks again,
      Steve in snowy Duluth
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