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122509Re: 2002 Prius 178K miles other long-term issues ...

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  • hlschmidt1941
    Dec 2, 2012
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      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "Steve H" <shighlan@...> wrote:

      >... my rusty gas cap. I suppose I should scrape that clean again.

      Toss it. Buy a new Toyota gas cap from your dealer's parts dep't. A leaky cap will light up the instrument panel and set code(s). Ask me how I know.

      > I'm on only my 2nd set of spark plugs. Should I try another set?

      Definitely yes. IIRC the service protocol is a new set every 60K miles.

      > 3) The engine is using oil at a slowly increasing rate. I might be adding a quart or more between changes that I do four times a year. This sounds ominous to me.

      I've never had to add oil ('02 @ 115K miles). I do my own changes, using 3.5 quarts and a new filter every 7,500 miles. Make sure not to overfill; 4 quarts is too much (despite what the service manual says!). I'd estimate the cost/benefit ratio between adding a quart of oil four times a year (cheap) vs. an engine overhaul (not cheap) on a 13-year-old car. I'm sure you've already checked for external leaks. If it's burning oil, that should show up in your exhaust.

      > 4) The mpg shown on the display is quite a bit lower than what I calculate from my tank fillups -- maybe as much as 20% lower. I guess this seems almost like a good thing, but I'm curious what would make that be out of whack.

      Many possible variables here. Double-check your math 8-) . Seasonal changes in gasoline blends, short trips in winter, angle of car on pad at filling station, different fill levels (blame automatic shut-off), temperature effects on capacity of gas tank w/bladder liner, etc. etc. I've stopped worrying and calculating, just gas and go.

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