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1225072002 Prius 178K miles other long-term issues ...

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  • Steve H
    Dec 1, 2012
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      Since so many people gave good advice on my tire wobble issue I suppose I should ask for help with all the other things my car has been doing lately (and which I obviously should have asked about sooner ... sigh).

      1) The check engine light was on most of the summer. I finally had a friend get the codes out of the thing and it said "random cylinder misfire" and something about a leak in the evaporative emission system. I assume the 2nd thing is just my rusty gas cap. I suppose I should scrape that clean again. I haven't gotten the check engine light since we read out the codes.

      I'm on only my 2nd set of spark plugs. Should I try another set? A couple of weeks ago it quit about 10 seconds after I started the car and gave me the 'triangle of death' and the 'car!' alert, but since then it's been OK, though it runs a little roughly on initial startup most of the time.

      2) I hear a clatter from the engine when revving it up. Do I need some sort of adjustment like the valves needed on my old Tercel? (I never did get them adjusted (sigh) and it still got to the moon and part way back ...)

      3) The engine is using oil at a slowly increasing rate. I might be adding a quart or more between changes that I do four times a year. This sounds ominous to me.

      4) The mpg shown on the display is quite a bit lower than what I calculate from my tank fillups -- maybe as much as 20% lower. I guess this seems almost like a good thing, but I'm curious what would make that be out of whack.

      As always I appreciate the terrific knowledge the folks here have. I'm looking forward to your ideas.


      Steve Highland
      Duluth MN
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