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122053Re: Wrecked my 47th Birthday present 2007 Prius one day...

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  • Daniel
    Sep 1, 2012
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      Most people just take it to the body shop and eat the cost.

      If it is just your door and not your doorframe you can probably buy a used door on craigslist or on that national junkyard website which might sell the whole door for $300-$400 , then a couple hours to install and align it (local body shops can do that).

      I always price the deductable, and ask myself...saving $20 or $50 a year, worth the $1500 deductable.....vs $200 or $500 deductable.

      I have a $200 deductable on my cars for comp/coll I always price it because there is a point of diminished return....when going from $500 to $200 is an extra $100 a year, I say NO, but for $20 or $50 a year I say yes.

      and so far I am a few thousand ahead...from a pair of crashes and a hailstorm which damaged two vehicles.....I have gained $1300 per incident, for as little as $20 per year per vehicle.
      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "hemp7flowers" <solarsistar8@...> wrote:
      > before my 53rd Birthday on August 31st:(!
      > Hi Gang! Hope everyone is doing better than i am today!
      > I wrecked my 2007, 32,042 miles on it,yesterday. My car spunt (hope thats the right word) out over rock gravel from last weeks flood here in Vegas while i was crossing a paved intersection going north. My car was simply spinning its wheels once i thought i had the clear only to have a Dad with Child On board now breaking only for him to glide into me after hitting a wider bed of rocks traveling east, these rocks too were in the intersection but also several yards before in a dip that collected a huge amount of the same rocks before he hit me.
      > Since i was the one that was suppose to stop, as i did, i got cited. Glad the child, Dad nor myself was hurt and his damage was very minor.
      > I have a huge deductible, $1500 due to the fact i was trying to have full coverage without paying a large monthly premium. Not sure if this was a wise idea now. Forgot why i even had it that high right now, for i'm drawing a blank after not getting any sleep over whats happened.
      > My left side rear door was damage but not so much that i can not use the door or drive her. Can anyone guesstimate the cost of the door before i get quotes from around town non Prius owners??
      > What are my options??
      > thank you ever so much and Happy Labor Day!
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