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120274Re: Honda loses Small Claims Court suit over Civic hybrid fuel economy

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  • ChrisZ
    Feb 3, 2012
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      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, David Kelly <dkelly@...> wrote:
      > On Feb 3, 2012, at 4:08 PM, ChrisZ wrote:
      > > P.P.S I'm currently averaging around 35 mpg in this weird Minnesota winter, with my particular driving pattern. Should I sue Toyota? [wink] [grin] [just kidding]
      > Better yet, fire all the elected officials who put Minnesota's ethanol laws on the books. Only state I know of where real gasoline is illegal. Manufacturers and EPA regs be darned, Minnesota boasts of a 20% ethanol mandate for 2013.
      > If ethanol was a good thing you would have to outlaw it to keep people from using it in place of gasoline.
      > If ethanol conserved resources then it would not cost more than gasoline. Primary ingredients for ethanol is corn and natural gas. Primary ingredients for corn is diesel and petroleum based fertilizer. Ethanol is not renewable energy unless it is produced without natural gas, diesel, or fertilizer.
      > --
      > David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly@...

      a) I didn't trim because: see the [wink] [grin] [just kidding] in my post???

      And b) David, you are just playing the part of a troll. **Luckily**, Tim Pawlenty (R) is no longer governor, so things are looking up in terms of backing away from dubious ethanol (I'm not a fan of ethanol).


      "Minnesota has mandated a 10% mixture of gasoline and ethanol (gasohol) since 1997. Pawlenty signed into law in May 2005 a bill that will raise the minimum mandated mixture to 20% in 2013. Pawlenty has also lobbied the Governors' Ethanol Coalition to mandate higher ethanol use nationwide.[97]"




      "As of January 2008, three states – Missouri, Minnesota, and Hawaii – required ethanol to be blended with gasoline in motor fuels."
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