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120108Re: Starter Battery Substitute?

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  • Ed
    Jan 6, 2012
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      > Then again I go off and ask such things and this morning got a red triangle on my 2007 and the car seemed to be locked up half-way into booting. Couldn't turn it off. Couldn't put it in gear. Stepped out and tried to open the hatch but it was locked. Eventually the MFD started doing something and asked me to apply the parking brake because the transmission parking pawl (or to that effect) was stuck. Parking brake didn't help but eventually I was able to turn the car off. On reboot all was fine.

      I had something very similar to that happen in my care a while ago. It's a little scary until it sorts itself out.

      As for the battery, I'm thinking of going with the Prius version of the Optima yellow top Rayn W mentioned in his post. Price-wise the cost would be about the same (as the correct size LiFePO4 battery) and I wouldn't need to modify anything.
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