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120087Re: [toyota-prius] Re: Starter Battery Substitute?

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  • David Kelly
    Jan 5, 2012
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      On Jan 5, 2012, at 3:46 AM, Felix wrote:

      > --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, David Kelly <dkelly@...> wrote:
      >> If my 2007 Prius needed a new 12V battery then I'd consider these:
      >> http://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/upc-telecom/U1HR1500S.html
      > Why high-rate? U1 is a common electric (power) wheelchair battery size, 1 step below 22NF which is ~55AH.
      > Any U1 or 22NF AGM would be fine for Prius use, I would only spring for high-rate if I had a large power inverter that I planned on using with the car not READY.
      > For that matter if you can handle only having ~18AH of capacity just buy a cheap jump-start pack and pull the battery from it.

      I dont *recommend* that battery, only I would *consider* it. Primarily because at that site (which is where the O.P. started) that was the first suitable battery I found with vent nipples.

      One saving grace of the (IMHO) over-hyped Optima battery is that http://www.optimabatteries.com/product_support/faqs.php says:
      > Trunk/Interior Mounting – If your battery is mounted inside the passenger compartment or trunk (common in many European makes), the battery must be vented to the outside of the vehicle. OPTIMA group 27, 51, 78, 34C, and 31 batteries all have ports for connecting a vent hose.

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