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119200Re: Prius on the highway, was: Arrived

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  • Daniel
    Aug 2, 2011
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      My CJ5 is only safe to about 65-70 mph, even grandma will blow my doors off in California...

      I have no complaints about Prius top speed and accellearation at any freeway speeds....plenty of reserve power...Only topped by a V8 going up the long steep grades....or CIVICs with a stick....
      I can think of no small car with an auto trans that can be the Prius.Or many midsize for that matter.
      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Gmail" <jhnidy@...> wrote:
      > I can tell you that I have owned much slower cars than the Prius I now
      > drive.
      > I usually travel at 75 on the freeways but if the flow is faster, 80 is not
      > uncomfortable.
      > OTOH once when I had all day to get to point B and I wanted to see what MPG
      > I could attain at a lower speed, I tried to drive home on the freeway at 55.
      > I used to think that 85 was scary. But 55 is way over the fear limit. I
      > will likely never try that speed again.
      > Google Jer
      > Woodhaven, Mi
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      > Chris Z wrote: have a Gen 1 (2002) and the wife has a Gen 2 (2008), and
      > like Stan I have had no problems at all driving on long road trips on
      > the interstate freeway system. Contrary to what some may believe, the
      > Prius can easily reach and maintain any freeway speed needed. I have
      > read here that a Prius may not be able to keep up a high speed (> 60?)
      > during an extended climb up a mountain-type grade, but I have not
      > experienced that. And contrary to popular belief, you will NOT be "run
      > over" while maintaining the speed limit, be it 60 mph or 75 mph.
      > I too put many highway miles in a Gen 1/2001 Prius.... it had no problem
      > going as fast as I asked it to, even on the slightly mountain type
      > grades in Tennessee.
      > Ed
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