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  • Ed
    Aug 1, 2011
      Chris Z wrote: have a Gen 1 (2002) and the wife has a Gen 2 (2008), and
      like Stan I have had no problems at all driving on long road trips on
      the interstate freeway system. Contrary to what some may believe, the
      Prius can easily reach and maintain any freeway speed needed. I have
      read here that a Prius may not be able to keep up a high speed (> 60?)
      during an extended climb up a mountain-type grade, but I have not
      experienced that. And contrary to popular belief, you will NOT be "run
      over" while maintaining the speed limit, be it 60 mph or 75 mph.

      I too put many highway miles in a Gen 1/2001 Prius.... it had no problem
      going as fast as I asked it to, even on the slightly mountain type
      grades in Tennessee.

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