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  • Daniel
    Aug 1 4:36 AM
      Considering our interstate system was modeled after the German Autobaun where it is designed for 120mph speed.
      Your Prius is designed to cruise at speeds of 100-110mph

      and I am still trying to learn how to drive in an area where the heavily enforced speed limit is 60-65mph...having driven 80 - 85mph in So Cal for the last 10 years

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, Kyle Davis <kylesnow@...> wrote:
      > In Florida without the Prius. The trusty Buick got us here, but I can't help bit wonder how you guys drive on highways with speed limits over 70?
      > I was doing almost 80 and getting passed by people pulling trailers and boats.
      > I'm sure it would've made it down here, and saved a forums on gas, too boot. But I think if I do it (take the Prius) next time I'll borrow a red triangle from one of our farmer friends so we don't get run over on our at down here!
      > I do miss it, though. I see several Gen 2 and Gen 3s down here, but haven't seen a Gen 1 since Tennessee.
      > Kyle
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