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  • kevin
    Mar 5, 2010
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      Motor oil over there costs about the same as here. The price you pay over there is mostly tax.


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      Yes - and at the heart of it is the fact that according to a friend over there "no manufacturer can sell a car if they state a shorter oil change interval"... not a legal thing, just practical marketing.

      Now, does anyone have a clue WHY motor oil is that expensive over there (other than, of course, a liter is larger than a quart)?

      OTOH, I don't recall any verifiable studies which show engines in the UK lasting fewer miles before major service than here -- if anything maybe the opposite is true, since Brits seem to be more careful with regular maintenance than their american cousins...

      well, that ought to start something! ;-)


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      >On Wed, Mar 03, 2010 at 02:38:15PM -0500, Peter Blackford wrote:
      >> of course it's ALWAYS been 10k (yes, miles) in the UK...
      >Yes but consider how much motor oil costs in the UK:
      >The cheapest is Valvoline at 6.74 GBP which is 10.17 USD. Per liter.
      >With oil prices this high it is prudent to let the engine go. Costs too
      >much to preserve the engine that one might get 300k miles vs. 250k
      >miles. Vehicle with 250k miles isn't worth much in the first place even
      >if it does have another 50k miles left.
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