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  • Lee Hart
    Sep 2, 2009
      sidneybrooks wrote:
      > And, by the way. The calculator used 0.25 kwhr per mile rather than
      > 0.5 cited in my last message.

      The RAV4-EV is heavier and has more wind resistance than the Prius. Nimh
      batteries are also less efficient than lead-acid batteries. So it makes
      sense that the RAV4-EV has a lower energy efficiency than a Prius-size
      EV (just as an gasoline RAV4 gets worse fuel economy than a gasoline Prius).

      > There are obvious conclusions: 1) Electric vehicles are practical with
      > NiMH batteries

      I'd say they can be practical with any batteries. It mainly depends on
      the vehicle's "mission" (daily range needed, desired cost per mile,
      battery life requirements, etc).

      > 2) Improvements in batteries, including the switch to lighter weight
      > Li Ion, make 0.25 a reasonable number

      Lithium-based batteries are more efficient than nickel-based batteries,
      and can equal or exceed the efficiency of lead-acid batteries. However,
      since all batteries range from 70-90% efficient, efficiency is rarely a
      critical issue.

      > 3) Home generated solar power makes electric cars even cheaper to own.

      Solar power costs *more* than grid power (unless there are rebates or
      tax credits to put a "thumb" on the scale).

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