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  • flagmichael
    Sep 1 4:35 PM
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      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, Peter Blackford <PriusPete@...> wrote:
      > Much as I'd really like to buy an electric car, and likely will, I need to point out a VERY basic fallacy in this 'calculator'...
      > It completely ignores the charge/discharge (in)efficiency inherent in any battery. Not to mention that one of the other variables one must input correctly is the 'watts/mile' which is also subject to variation - much as mpg is, but harder to estimate at this time.
      > Pete

      I agree - the uncertainties in electric vehicle operation compared to gasoline vehicle operation probably mean we will have to wait for enough real world data to know how it all stacks up. I think prevailing temperatures will be important - waste heat is a valuable byproduct of gas engines in cold weather and (I presume) more efficient energy for air conditioning will favor electric cars in hot weather.

      Then there are the intangibles; will the instant availability of electric heat spoil most car buyers in cold weather? Will gas vehicle drivers get tired of no-start and other ICE problems? Will EV drivers miss loud exhaust systems so much that EVs will have to offer an option of spoked wheels that can flap against playing cards?

      My crystal ball is foggy....

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