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113932Re: Synthetic Oil Use?

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  • Karl
    Jun 30, 2009
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      What about buying large amounts of synthetic oil (sale, bulk, however) and storing for long periods. I hear organic oil has a limited shelf life, does the synthetic oil have the same issue?

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, Rob Morrell <rmkroll@...> wrote:
      > Steve,
      > I agree with Peter and Stan. The Factory fill when it's new is Synthetic
      > it's a high quality Nippon oil (Eneos) 0/20, Toyota uses Mobil and Nippon
      > products for all it's cars but in this case it's the Nippon or Eneos 0-20
      > and I highly recommend it to get the maximum mileage possible. This oil was
      > specifically designed for Toyota. there are other high quality 0/20 out
      > there but this product is somewhat unique for this application and I have no
      > idea why someone would not use a synthetic for this car. This engine is
      > pretty easy on the oil dilution so I think personally 7500 miles is fine
      > with a higher quality synthetic like this. There are less expensive
      > Hydro-Cracked so called synthetics available but the higher quality base for
      > this oil and high quality additive package will offer the little
      > extra mileage you want.
      > Be careful what the dealer tells you is the oil they see versus what the
      > real factory fill is. On the back of this Toyota bottle for the 0/20 from
      > Japan is says Nippon oil on it, Eneos is their aftermarket brand name, the
      > aftermarket product does not have the same cost restrictions so the quality
      > is actually slightly higher. This car is very reliable and worth keeping for
      > a high mileage which is another good reason to stay with the
      > category synthetic it came with. Hope this answers your question..
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