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112882RE: [toyota-prius] Re:Disabling traction control?

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  • John Morgan
    Feb 1, 2009
      I have driven thousands and thousands of harsh winter miles mostly in the
      Oregon Cascade Mountains over the last 35 years. I owned one set of studded
      snow tires in the 1970's and hated them for their noise and squirrely
      behavior. It's later when I came to appreciate the millions of dollars of
      annual damage done to our highways from studs.

      When I bought my first Saab in 1977 I also purchased the first hydrophilic
      winter tire designed to not have studs, the Continental Contact. I quickly
      swore by them as being vastly superior to studded snow tires in all
      conditions except glare ice, and that was a marginal difference at best. I
      have not had a studded tire since, I have never had a winter-weather based
      accident. I have never been stuck. I have never had a difficult time driving
      even in the most fierce winter conditions. (albeit the Prius traction
      control stopped me dead a couple of times when I tried going up very steep,
      icy streets just to test things out) I've used Continentals, Blizzaks, and
      now the Nokian WR's on my Prius. I also have Blizzaks on my GMC Envoy. I
      will never have studded tires and I will continue to lobby the Oregon
      Legislature to join Minnesota and Wisconsin in the ban.


      2007 Barcelona Red Touring

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      > Studs and Snow Tires! After I had the Studded Snows put on, I have no
      > concerns at driving in a typical New England winter. So that's the
      > answer:
      > Studs and Snows. Period.

      Actually, it's not the answer, period.

      There are some states (e.g., Minnesota and Wisconsin) where studded
      snow tires are illegal.

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