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111768Re: change compartment?

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  • on02151blueline
    Oct 3, 2008
      Enough already with the "where can I put my change in my Prius"
      thread! Buy pants with pockets!

      Am I the only Prius owner that subscribes to this group that isn't
      heavily medicated, have OCD or otherwise an anal twit that can flame
      on and on and on about why 38 psi is better or worse than 42 psi in my
      tires? Or babble on and on and on about whether or not it is safe to
      put a Prius in a car wash.

      Enough already people. It's a car, it has four rubber wheels, you put
      gas in it, occasionally :), it gets you from point a to point b. Just
      drive it!

      Sorry and thank you for letting me vent. Overall I do appreciate the
      USEFUL information that I find here day to day.


      Oh and PS. Sorry if I hurt your feelings mr.s with the sarcastic
      tone of my post and having inadvertently sent it to you in error. I
      will be much more cautious in the future when clicking on hyper-links.

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "hlschmidt1941" <hlschmidt@...>
      > In the Classic, if you close the cupholder with small objects in it,
      > they'll disappear down the history hole. So I use a film canister in
      > the "ash tray" to hold quarters. In my Highlander, I bought one of
      > those coin holders that fit into any of the cup holders; I use the one
      > under the console lid, as it's normally out of sight of anyone bent on
      > petty thievery. These devices are all very handy for parking meters.
      > Otherwise I have EZPass, which is good until I hit Ohio and
      > Indiana---what's that all about, anyway?
      > --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "Don Bergman" <DBRenegade@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Karl noted...
      > >
      > > > We don't have toll booths in Michigan (that I know of) but we do
      > > > change in the cupholder...
      > >
      > > Be careful. I have placed coins in the cupholder then used it on a
      > humid
      > > day and water accumulated. Forgot about them to be used when needed.
      > No
      > > need came for some time. The Coins corroded, esp. the pennies and
      > caused a
      > > mess.
      > >
      > > Don Bergman
      > > Holland, MI
      > >
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