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110958Water Pump Failure at 106,000 miles...???

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  • Stephan Jennebach
    Aug 1, 2008

      just got back from the 105,000 mile service at 106,600. Technician
      pointed out that I was almost completely out of coolant in the overflow
      reservoir - they had just flushed the system and refilled it 8,000
      miles ago. He said most likely the Water Pump is leaking somewhere and
      needs to be replaced.

      What is you guys' opinion? 2003 Prius, never any major problems. Could
      they have done something wrong when they flushed the system last time
      that would cause it to leak now? Or is it reasonable to believe the
      Water Pump is kaput after over 100,000 miles? Any previous "known
      cases" reported?

      Thank you in advance for any advice. As for now, the tech told me to
      keep an eye on the reservoir - if it keeps dropping, have the pump

      Stephan, in his 2003 Silver Strata Metallic '03 Prius at 106,600 miles
      in hot and humid Rochester, MN
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