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110429RE: [toyota-prius] Re: gas gauge indicator

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  • Mike Dimmick
    Jul 1, 2008
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      > Many of us call it a "guess guage." The indicators are notoriously
      > inconsistent. Your experience is pretty typical.
      > The guage on my wife's 2002 drops like a stone once it gets to three
      > bars while mine may go a hundred miles before it drops from three to
      > two bars. I figure if it gets to three bars I've probably let it go
      > too long in either case.

      I have the UK model, but I understand the US model has a resin bladder in
      the fuel tank to restrict vapourisation of the fuel in the tank. The
      capacity of the tank and density of the fuel change with temperature. (This
      is why racing teams measure fuel by weight - well, mass really - rather than
      by volume.) Still, the capacity is generally reduced only in below-freezing
      temperatures, this shouldn't happen in the summer.

      The manual is a bit unclear but suggests that you should refuel at about
      25%, which I map to when it changes from three blobs to two. This happened
      yesterday on my car, and it took 36 litres (of the 45 capacity) to top it
      off, so there were 9 litres left, or about 20%.

      The supposed reason for this is that the fuel pump, which is in the tank, is
      cooled by the liquid petrol surrounding it. In addition, sediments can build
      up in the bottom of the tank and sucking it up isn't too good for the engine
      even though it is filtered. (Anything getting caught by the fuel filter will
      eventually cause it to clog and reduce fuel pressure, and the filter has to
      be a compromise between trapping small enough particles and having good
      enough fuel flow.)

      For more than you ever wanted to know about the fuel system, see

      Mike Dimmick
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