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102191Re: [toyota-prius] Prius tires - recommendations

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  • sagefarm@aol.com
    May 1, 2007
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      Back in 2004 I printed out a copy of John's Stuff on Toyota Prius Tires that was last updated on 9/14/2003.

      I was wondering if anything new on this topic has been added before I replace my Potenzas


      David Bearg

      Concord, MA

      2001 Silver, 97,000 miles

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      aahh.... well.. aaahhh.... where is says Max Cold Pressure. Like the very place you quoted.

      And you even quoted WHY you want to make sure that the pressure is not TOO LOW.

      I don't think you said or the tire said anything about OVER INFLATING, rather it talks, as you pointed out about "FAILURE DUE TO UNDERINFLATION/OVERLOADING".

      Any idea how that happens? (tire sidewall flex and roll)

      Any idea why they do not also say anything about overinflation other than noting the Max Pressure? ('cause its fine to go up to that pressure)

      So as I and others have recommended, go check and watch your tread-wear.

      ...and those of us that have already done this will continue to enjoy our higher mileage and better handling.

      ...and folks have already seen that running Integrities at 35/33 causes shortened tire life and uneven tread wear....

      BUT, if you ever find an instance where there is a problem that you can trace back to having Integrities at 42/40, please let us know. PLEASE.

      PS : has there ever been an instance where a tire placard was shown to be incorrect? anyone remember the Exploder tire problems?

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      Subject: [toyota-prius] Prius tires (was: Re: 60+ MPG is easy.)

      Sigh... you're adding in your own words in there and coming up w/your
      own rationalizations.

      Look at the sidewalls of YOUR tires. Nowhere on the Integrities does
      it say that 44 psi is the maximum RECOMMENDED pressure. It says "300
      KPa (44 psi) MAX. PRESS". It also says "SAFETY WARNING: SERIOUS

      Guess what? The manual says to see the placard. The vehicle placard
      says 35 psi front, 33 rear.

      To repeat, the tire manufacturer says at
      http://www.goodyeartires.com/faqs/Inflation.html "The inflation
      pressure on the side of the tire is the MAXIMUM operating pressure. It
      is not necessarily the right inflation for your vehicle. Always use
      the inflation recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You can find it
      in your owner's manual, posted on the edge of the driver's door, on a
      door post or on the inside of the glovebox door."

      Bridgestone, the manufacturer of the tires on US touring 07+ Priuses
      says essentially the same thing.

      At this point, I think we can both agree to disagree.

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, GREGMCKAY@... wrote:
      > You keep trying to reduce this to a single element..... and it
      changes too....??

      > Sheesh. Look at the sidewall of your tires. The manufacturer of
      the tires put that info there. See what the Max Cold Pressure is.
      You are good at "any" pressure up to that. This does NOT mean you
      would be good at 10psi. Why do tires blow when going flat? because
      of the amount of heating from the extreme amount of flexing when
      > By not going above the max cold tire pressure recommended by the
      manufacturer, you are not deforming the tire to a different chape.

      > The Prius is a heavy vehicle for its size. Many tires of the
      appropriate size are not rated for the weight of the Prius.

      > Enjoy.

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