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Re: Unusual Event

Thanks to those who responded. I replaced the 12v. battery with an Optima on 1/25/13. It's currently showing 12.38 volts.
Edward Bonsell
Feb 8

Re: Unusual Event

Yep, it is a known problem. Unfortunately you're probably too late to claim the free fix from Toyota. When the instrument cluster is not working, it doesn't
Mark Bayern
Feb 7

Re: Unusual Event

Sounds like the 12 volt battery is dying. Get an Optima: www.elearnaid.com Stan in San Diego 2005 with 165k
Feb 7

Re: Unusual Event

Hi All, I had something usual happen to my 2006 Prius yesterday. When I started the car none of the dash lights came on. Totally Dark. I backed it out of the
Edward Bonsell
Feb 7

2001-03 Traction Battery for sale

Our beloved 2001 Prius unfortunately bit the dust. My son had a single-person accident in it on January 15. It had just over 200,000 miles on it. But we had
Feb 7

File - Welcome Letter

Hello, Welcome to the toyota-prius group at Yahoo!Groups, a free, easy-to-use email group service for those interested in the Toyota Prius hybrid car. Please
Jan 31

Re: 2016 Spotted on Los Angeles Freeway

We’ve seen a couple, one a dark blue and the other black or dark gray. It would take a while to get used to. But then I didn’t like the then new 2004
Ronald McCarthy
Jan 28

2016 Spotted on Los Angeles Freeway

I was driving home the other afternoon and spotted my first actual 2016, Dark Grey in color, pretty weird looking, taillights very strange, would like to see
Jan 28

Re: 2012 Plug-In

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 6:59 PM, joes_morgue@... [toyota-prius] < ... 13 miles is a stretch. More like 11. And in cold weather the ICE starts regardless,
Larry Finch
Jan 26

2012 Plug-In

Because my beloved Prius was declared totaled, I've been shopping for a new Prius. I came across a 2012 Plug-In model with low miles at what I think is a good
Jan 26

prius c vs Prius 2000-2004

Hi all, the Prius C is alike the Yaris hybrid, sold in Europe. The classic Prius is the superior car, I found after testdriving the y-hybrid. best, jock Prius
Jan 25

Fwd: Time to change the transmission oil

I Remember now it's Toyota ATF WS. 4 Quarts. Ed
Edward Bonsell
Jan 24

Re: Time to change the transmission oil

Hello Friends, I believe it's time to change the transmission oil in our 2007 Prius. I forget what kind of oil goes in there? Ed
Edward Bonsell
Jan 24

Re: Finally had to retire Rex

Me too ! 230000 on my 2003. Replaced the front radiator x 2 from road debris that penetrated the front grill. Otherwise the least expensive car I have ever
Jan 23

Re: 2003 vs 2016 pri c

We, too, have been waiting for the 2016 Prius C. The dealers in our region have not yet received any. One salesman said he would call us when the first ones
Jan 23
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