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740Tin Stuff

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  • mike131mn
    Sep 7, 2007
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      Hello Guys... thanks to Kiwi for priming the pimp so to speak. I
      took the summer off and enjoyed breaking down. The BMW...840 miles
      from home...The Triumph (1965 650 Tiger)is nice enough to stop
      within the city limits....several times. I guess they also exported
      electrical gremlins with the machine...makes me wonder how a
      Spitfire stayed in the air.
      I attended the only toy show we still have and also discovered
      very little. I saw one vender "age" one of the new reproductions.
      Someone (Hong Kong ?) is putting out a small 4 inch tin version of
      the Paya sidecar rig with the horn blower. One version has the "HP"
      on the fuel tank and the other doesn't, both brown in color..there
      is a 3rd version.. same size, 4 inch.. in the standard color of the
      copied version, orange/green.
      I'm not a die cast guy but several have come out. One is the early
      650 Yamaha 650.. xs1 (1970 green) and xs1b (1971 yellow) ....I got
      the green unit, cheap but postage was a bit
      stiff.....also "1xomuseum" came out with several nice
      items....1/24th scale... I got the 450 Ducati, yellow. They offer
      several other models.
      ? I'm looking for a " PIG " .... a series of 4 tin cycles was
      made.. about 4 inches long... " POLICE " ... with rubber heads.. a
      Monkey, Rabbit and a Bear. Anyone got a spare " PIG " version.
      Thanks, Mike MN