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739Oh Yeah - That Swap-Meet

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  • Kiwi
    Sep 6, 2007
      I forgot to report on the collectible toys swap-meet I attended a
      couple of months back.

      It was totally disappointing for me as a collector of VINTAGE toy
      Apart from one almost wrecked Bandai battery-operated cop m/c, all I
      found were a few Franklin Mints (which I already had), and a selection
      of new or near-new MIB Hotwheels and similar bikes.

      One seller was offering several old British lead bikes (Johillco,
      Charbens, etc.), but they had all been repainted and looked over-glossy
      and tacky.
      When will people learn that a repaint DEVALUES an item? It's usually
      preferable to leave them in their original state. Much more sought-
      after that way.

      On the brighter side, I did score a totally mint-in-original-mint-box
      50's Hubley PD bike with rider on eBay a while back (the big 9" one
      with the plastic cop), so that cheered me up no end.

      Anyone else had some good buying experiences recently?

      Anyone here actually SELLING on eBay? I'd like to hear more if you are,
      as I have been toying (oops) with the idea, having been a buyer only up
      until now, but it all looks a bit daunting.

      All posts welcomed!