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  • Peter McAllum
    Jun 5, 2007
      Heya, Doc -
      Yep, I finally got it, ta. The first attempts were 'copy and paste' from my email inbox (I'm set to receive inidividual messages from the group), and that didn't work, for some reason.
      But when I went to the group website and did the same from there it did - go figure, huh?!
      Anyhoo - what a great gallery, mate! You've gone to a lot of trouble there, and I'm glad it's paying off for you. I see you've scored quite a number of good sponsors. 
      Bloody well done!!!
      I bet you got a stack of bikers lookin' for their particular bikes in your lineup.
      I have a big box full of all those diecasts - Maisto, Tootsietoy, etc. If you want any, let me know what models you're after (most are Jap cruisers).
      When I started collecting, those were the ones I bought, 'cos those were what I and my fellow bike club members were riding...But now I have put all those more modern ones in storage, having moved on to the older bikes (cast iron, tin, '70's diecast, plastic, rubber, composition, etc.)...So they're taking up space - and The Beloved would be SOOOOOOOO happy if I off-loaded 'em to someone!!
      I'm willing to send them for not much more than the cost of postage, if you're interested.
      Again, good onya for the display. Looks awesome.

      'DOC' <imfoxy2@...> wrote:

      I just went to the site and it is opening okay, other than the link to
      my website visitor counter.

      Try typing or copying and pasting the link to see if that works.


      --- In toymotorcyclegang@ yahoogroups. com, Peter McAllum
      <kiwikroozer@ ...> wrote:
      > SOUNDS great, Doc - but I can't access the link, for some reason.
      > You might need to check it, mate...
      > Looking forward to having a look-see!
      > Cheers
      > ;-)>
      > KK

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