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  • mike131mn
    Nov 19, 2006
      Hello people...where did summer go..?....It sped pass pretty
      quick..of course here in Minnesota summer is about 2 hours long. Not
      to much was added to the tin collection. I saw a few new items have
      been produced but they haven't been found at the local store. Ebay is
      still the best so far. If you have any of the Forces of Valor in your
      stores they have a nice piece with sidecar and weapons tralier. Spent
      the summer ripping around on my old 650 Yamaha and found a XS1 (first
      year)650 that will be a long term restoration project. Took my 65
      Triumph 650 Tiger out four times over the summer...came home in the
      back of the truck...four times. Has any seen some guy in Italy has
      taken one of those Paya tin bikes (#1-922 on the front fender)and adds
      a rider on the back and is selling them. I ordered one...I'm a sucker
      for tin...once it gets across the pond I'll post a review. Mike, Minn.
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