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COTA bus bike rack rollout/Car Free Day event

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  • John Gideon
    Cyclists: Right now, even as we speak, bike racks are being installed on all COTA buses by Sportworks. The installation will be completed -- or nearly
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2004
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      Right now, even as we speak, bike racks are being installed on all COTA
      buses by Sportworks. The installation will be completed -- or nearly
      completed -- by September 22nd, which happens to be International Car
      Free Day.

      So, we are planning a big rollout event to introduce the bus bike racks
      to the Central Ohio community, and especially the bicycling community.
      Please save this date: Wednesday, September 22nd. And plan to attend
      the event. Here are the details....

      WHO: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), Mid-Ohio Regional Planning
      Commission (MORPC), Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition (COBAC),
      City of Columbus, Franklin County, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP),
      Baer Wheels, The Ohio State University, and more.

      WHAT: COTA bus bike rack rollout/ Car Free Day event: demonstrations of
      buses with bike racks, proclamations and speeches by civic leaders,
      exhibits by bike dealers and bike clubs and other organizations, FREE
      WATER BOTTLES, TV and radio, and much, much more.

      WHEN: Wednesday, September 22nd, International Car Free Day starting at
      11:30 a.m. proclamations and speeches at 12:00 noon

      WHERE: Ohio Statehouse at Broad and High Streets in Downtown Columbus

      WHY: >The bicycling community (through the Columbus Bikeway Advisory
      Committee) ASKED COTA to put bike racks on its buses.
      >Bike racks on buses is the first, major, concrete way that
      bicycling is being made a part of the mainstream transportation system.
      >If we want to continue this progress and continue to
      integrate bicycling into the transportation mainstream and to make
      Central Ohio bicycling friendly we MUST show up at this event in large
      numbers to show our gratitude, our interest, and our determination to
      make this a success both for COTA and for the whole community.

      HOW: Preferably on bike or on foot or by bus; but BE THERE!!! This is
      for US!!!

      Important Note: As part of this rollout event COTA will be offering,
      beginning on September 22nd or as soon thereafter as the bus bike racks
      are installed on the entire COTA bus fleet, a week of free bus rides to
      anyone who puts a bike in a bus bike rack and rides the bus. This is
      being made possible by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits through a generous
      donation from its Bike Development Fund, which is created by the
      participation of the bicycling community in COP's major bicycle events.
      Everyone who does a "Bike and Bus" will ride the bus for free during
      the free rides week. Try it and see how EASY it is.

      Stay tuned for more details. And check out the official Car Free Day
      website at:


      MORPC has produced a poster for the event. If any bike dealer or club
      in Central Ohio would like a poster to promote the event, please email
      me or call me.


      John Gideon
      Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition
      Post Office Box 2003
      Columbus, Ohio 43216-2003
      Voice: (614) 844-3954
      Email: jgideon@...
      Web: www.cobac.org
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