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Oct 3

TOSRV 2015 Final Report

RIP Final Report Always liked reading the final report. Kept TOSRV on the mind. MCG
Oct 3

Re: Pedal-with-Pete Bike Ride Saturday Aug 1

Of course it is true that fund raiser events do have  obvious and hidden overhead costs like advertising, course marking equipment, rest stops, bib numbers,
Aug 9

Re: [TOSRV] Re: Pedal-with-Pete Bike Ride Saturday Aug 1

More than 40 years ago, some so called charity organization approached the Cycling Saddlemen and wanted us to do a Bike A Thon for them to raise money. We did
Aug 8

Re: Pedal-with-Pete Bike Ride Saturday Aug 1

One thing I like about TOSRV is that we don't have to pay some ridiculous fee for some charity where we are not sure of how much of the $$$ is going for the
Aug 6

Pedal-with-Pete Bike Ride Saturday Aug 1

Last –pre Pelotonia organized training ride is this Saturday. Pedal-with-Pete supports CP research. Register http://bit.ly/1eA1Sui http://bit.ly/1eA1Sui.
Jul 29

Re: 2015 certificates?

Last of TOSRV certificates to be mailed will go out Monday. Ann Gerckens, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Office Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
COP Office
Jun 23

Re: 2015 certificates?

The volunteer handling the certificates has been getting them out, but slowly. He expects to have the remaining certificates out by the end of June. (He's off
COP Office
Jun 19

Re: 2015 Jerseys and shirts

Did you get your 2015 TOSRV Jersey and/or Tshirt? I have following in stock: 2015 jerseys - $60.00 ($55 for the jersey, $5 for postage) Small, Medium, Large,
COP Office
Jun 16

Re: 2015 certificates?

I will find out. Ann Gerckens, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Office Columbus Outdoor Pursuits is a 501(c)(3) organization and
COP Office
Jun 12

Re: 2015 certificates?

Just write to COP or TOSRV director, they will mail it to you. Lucky I got mine when I did! I still want the original gold seal affixed........this new
Jun 12

2015 certificates?

Does anybody know how to obtain the certificate? The printer was down when I checked in on Sunday so I put my name on a list. I haven't heard anything since.
Jun 11

Re: 2015 notes: finish event

Great ideas, thanks for your input, 40yrs is a long-time. We are all in a different time, literally and in our lives. My first TOSRV was 1984 and the idea of
May 27

Re: 2015 notes

The bike detail guy is the same one who bailed on GOBA last year for their towel service with NO notice and no returned deposits. And not the first time he has
May 26

Re: 2015 notes: finish event

Comments from my 40th TOSRV (not all ridden, about 10 were volunteer): Sorry to stir things up a bit with my comments last week--but I do believe TOSRV must
Gregory W. Ratcliff
May 22
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