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Puker Recon

Long day at work meant I missed the TMToT and hot CX action after, which sucks.... So thought I'd jump on the CX rig for some Puker Recon in the dark and just
Brien Christopherson
6:43 PM

Re: RAW and a twist of fate

Is this what we have to look forward to add we age? On Sep 1, 2015 1:30 PM, "'Derocher, Frederick' Frederick.Derocher@... [tosaspokesmen]"
    James Bittner
    11:41 AM
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    Re: RAW and a twist of fate

    I’ve broken the 5th metatarsal as well. OWWWWWWWWW! That was the most painful break or ligament tear I’ve had. Hope you’re healing up quickly Craig!
      Derocher, Frederick
      11:30 AM
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      Re: RAW and a twist of fate

      be well, craig! perhaps you can be my hands, and I can be your feet! I have several pins in my left ankle so I appreciate exactly where you are! Bill Finn
      Bill Finn
      11:27 AM

      RAW and a twist of fate

      First I would like to echo all the great comments on the RAW ride, can’t thank those who were along enough for the great camaraderie and as ride partners,
      Craig Busche
      8:43 AM

      Re: back to the Puker Thursday?

      Plan is bastard child leaving from fountain at 5:45 this Thursday. On Tuesday, September 1, 2015, Scott Bolte scott.bolte@... ... Plan is bastard child
      Christopher McArdle
      5:45 AM

      Re: Joe Maloney

      After re-reading the account, it seems pretty clear that a criminal case is unlikely because there were no witnesses. However, I'm willing to bet that this
      Nick Schweitzer
      5:13 AM

      back to the Puker Thursday?

      I took a few laps on the Puker course this morning. While there are still some loose ‘chips’, they clearly have swept it at least once. (You can tell where
      Scott Bolte
      5:07 AM

      Re: Joe Maloney

      David: Man, this case is just awful…I’m searching for some sage advice to your question below….in lieu of that, here’s some thoughts: Bicycles and
      Kevin Hardman
      5:03 AM

      Re: Jens Voigt at Wheel & Sprocket TONIGHT at 6:30PM

      Stopping in... With Erin ____________________ Jon Ninmer ... Stopping in... With Erin ____________________ Jon Ninmer On Aug 31, 2015, at 2:04 PM, 'Gering,
      Aug 31

      Re: Impromptu Board Meeting and Help Build up Bublr Bikes Thursday S

      Kevin, I should be in. Question, can you verify this is nonprofit so my son could join me for some Boy Scout credit? Sent from my iPhone ... Kevin, I should
      Aug 31

      Jens Voigt at Wheel & Sprocket TONIGHT at 6:30PM

      Anyone else plan on attending tonight? https://www.facebook.com/events/1646451152233171 Kurt Kurt H. Gering, MA, PMP | Project Manager | Marquette University
      Gering, Kurt
      Aug 31

      Re: Joe Maloney

      Prayers to Joe and Max for physical and psychological recovery. Dave S and Kevin H-Are there any political avenues that might be more receptive in this
      Aug 31

      Re: Joe Maloney

      Joe is an awesome dude, but about 130 pounds wet with a build like Froome. Will kick anyone's ass on a bike, but off the bike, not so much.... bc
      Brien Christopherson
      Aug 31

      Re: Joe Maloney

      I'm confused when he says there was nothing against the law about what he did? That implies that if I'm upset with another driver while in my car, I can ram my
      Nick Schweitzer
      Aug 31
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