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Launch of the Toronto Lindy Hop PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN!

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  • Mandi
    Launch of the Toronto Lindy Hop PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN! Ask not what Toronto Lindy Hop can do for you but what YOU can do for Toronto Lindy Hop! It s time to put
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
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      Launch of the Toronto Lindy Hop PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN!

      Ask not what Toronto Lindy Hop can do for you but what YOU can do
      for Toronto Lindy Hop!

      It's time to put SWING back in the public eye in TORONTO and
      everyone can play a part.

      *JAZZ FM
      If you were listening to Jazz FM (91.1) this morning you may have
      heard the beginning of Toronto Lindy Hop's contribution to the radio

      They are giving away swing dance gift certificates donated by
      Toronto Lindy Hop; Alana, Caitlin, Dan, Joanna and myself have all
      happily donated private lessons, in the name of the greater
      community, as part of the TLH campaign.

      As of tonight, Toronto Lindy Hop is also offering volunteer efforts
      to the radio station. You'll hear more gift certificates being given
      as prizes tonight during Jeff Healey's time slot between 7 and 9pm.

      *TLH Business cards
      Thank you to Jacqui Oakley's FABULOUS artwork, we have now printed
      up Toronto Lindy Hop business cards ready for everyone to distribute
      around the city to raise awareness about swing dancing in the city
      and to drive people to our centralized website:
      If you didn't see the cards over the weekend you'll start to see
      them now! Be in touch with myself or Steve Wellman to get a bundle
      of cards.

      *Lululemon Swings!
      On Sunday May 14th, Lululemon Eaton Center will be featuring an
      afternoon of Lindy Hop! Dan and myself will be doing demonstrations
      and providing swing information, both historical and contemporary,
      about swing dancing and the Lindy Hop community in Toronto!

      *Plenty more action in the works!
      But there's lots more to do too! Good things are brewing but we need
      more HELP to really make a push in this campaign. It all starts with
      an idea and a little effort -- get involved and you'll feel the
      satisfaction contributing to the community.


      WHEN: Sunday May 7th, 1pm until approximately 3pm (no later)
      WHERE: 705 King Street West (just West of Bathurst)
      RSVP ONLY!!!!!!!
      Please meet in the lobby between 1pm and 1:15. If you're later than
      1:15 you'll have to call me at 416 318 2920 for me to come get you.
      If you need to park, please arrive on the early side and we can sign
      out visitor parking.

      We understand that not everyone can attend this meeting but never
      fear! There will be lots of opportunity to get involved very soon!
      Stay tuned!

      Vice President, Toronto Lindy Hop
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