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Fw: 4 Weeks to Frankie's 85th - News from NYC - 1

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  • Nina Okens
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 1999
      > >Frankie Manning's 85th Birthday Celebration Bash
      > >Roseland Ballroom, NYC Wednesday May 26, 1999.
      > >
      > >
      > >With just over four weeks to go, Sing Lim and Andrew Vassiolou from
      > >Singapore and Frankie's long time friend, Buster Brown, Winner of the
      > >Tap Dance Legend Award, have been added to the list of performers for
      > >Frankie Manning's 85th Birthday Celebration on May 26, 1999 at Roseland
      > >Ballroom joining other star performers like the The Rhythm Hot Shots from
      > >Sweden.
      > >
      > >The floor show will be part of a five hour extravaganza featuring The
      > >Grammy Award Winning Count Basie Orchestra directed by Grover Mitchell
      > >the 15 piece George Gee Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra with featured
      > >vocalist Carla Cook, playing for all to dance on the huge Roseland dance
      > >floor.
      > >
      > >Grover Mitchell, the director of the Count Basie Band, knows the
      > >between concert jazz and swing dancing performances, and cannot wait to
      > >honor Frankie and play the classic Basie tunes for enthusiastic Lindy
      > >Hoppers. This band is the tightest you will ever hear and he promises
      > >you will not be able to resist dancing when they play.
      > >
      > >And, Lindy Hoppers all over are brushing up be among the over 100 couples
      > >who will be performing a massive Lindy Chorus, a partner Lindy routine
      > >choreographed by Frankie. Among the team leaders are Angie Whitworth,
      > >Laura Jeffers, Nathalie Gomes, Elena Iannuuci, Mitch Baranowski, and
      > >Martin from NYC, Peter Renzland from Toronto, Debra Sternberg from
      > >Washington, DC, Bill Borgida from Ithaca, NY, Aurelie and Tony Tye from
      > >Boston, and Jane Dumont from Connecticut. And these team leaders are all
      > >selling tickets at a discount price of $45. For more information,
      > >Laura Jeffers at ljeffers@... or check the web site,
      > >www.frankie85ny.org/nflindychorus.htm for choreography and details.
      > >
      > >Incidentally, Angie has sold over 65 tickets and just picked up another
      > >-- and, Nathalie (who cancelled her trip to Europe to attend) sold 12
      > >tickets in just a day to her students. Bill Borgida in Ithaca polished
      > >his first 20 tickets "like hotcakes" and just asked for 20 more.
      > >
      > >Do not wait to buy tickets. You can always buy them at Swing 46 for $45
      > >(and $90 for the VIP ticket.) Or buy them now at www.TicketWeb.com with
      > >$3 charge [your credit card number is more secure encrypted on the
      > >than when you use it in a restaurant.]
      > >
      > >Or you can wait, and that may mean not getting through on the phone,
      > >a World Wide Wait incident, paying extra frees at a TicketMaster location
      > >[yes, for your convenience but not free -- $58] , having your ticket not
      > >reach you in the mail, paying $75 at the door, or finding this event WILL
      > >BE SOLD OUT.
      > >
      > >Can the Count Basie Band play in NYC and not be SOLD OUT??? Not in
      > >history. Add to that George Gee's band which just completed a two week
      > >tour creating NYC-envy amongst California, Oregon, and Washington
      > >and the opportunity to see performances by Ryan and Jenny, Andrew and
      > >The Rhythm Hot Shots, Frankie dancing with 85 gorgeous ladies to the
      > >of Shiny Stockings, and then those young Lindy Hoppers from Ithaca, NY,
      > >Minnie's Moochers -- this will be an evening you will never forget. It
      > >been many many years since Roseland or NYC has seen an event like this.
      > >Then there is Buster, The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, the Shim Sham, and
      > >Chazz, Norma and all.
      > >
      > >Tickets are $50, $75 at the door (if there are any left), and a VIP
      > >which includes a cocktail party is $100.
      > >
      > >
      > >MORE INFORMATION and Tickets:
      > >
      > >Frankie's NYC Birthday Celebration Web Site. www.frankie85ny.org
      > >Tickets by phone -- 212-269-4849; 510-594-1400 [live operator -
      > >Or use a TicketMaster Outlet.
      > >On the Internet -- WWW.TICKETWEB.COM
      > >Or at Swing 46, 349 W. 46th Street, NYC (discount for patrons).
      > >Mail order through May 1, 1999: Checks Only Payable to Lindy Hop
      > >Foundation. Must include self-addressed stamped envelope. $45 for general
      > >admission, $90 for VIP. Send to The Lindy Hop Foundation, Inc., Suite 4,
      > >17 W. 70 St., NY, NY 10023. Subject to availability.
      > >
      > >Press Contacts Only: Mitch Baranowski 212-704-4441
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >The very first New York City performance of the Count Basie Band was at
      > >Roseland Ballroom in November, 1936, over 63 years ago. A few months
      > >after, the Basie Band played uptown at the Savoy Ballroom, the home turf
      > >Frankie Manning, who by then was a dancer in Whitey's Lindy Hoppers.
      > >
      > >Frankie Manning was born on May 26, 1914 in Jacksonville, Florida, but
      > >moved to New York where he grew up in Harlem and ever since has lived in
      > >New York City. He is known as the first practitioner of the Lindy Hop
      > >step", aerials done with the music. He traveled the world with bands
      > >the Count Basie band, appeared in numerous movies, won a Tony Award for
      > >Choreography in Black and Blue, and has helped to recreate and revive the
      > >Lindy Hop as a truly original American Dance, the source dance for all
      > >forms of swing, jitterbug, and jive today.
      > >
      > >He was featured in the December 1998 issue of GQ and will be the subject
      > >a profile in a forthcoming issue of People Magazine. Two weeks before
      > >birthday, he will appear in a Great Performances PBS special on Duke
      > >Ellington with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.
      > >
      > >Be sure to place your advertisement and birthday greeting in Frankie's
      > >Commemorative program -- with new special rates for dance clubs and
      > >performance groups. Check out our full page advertisers on the web site.
      > >If you are doing a full page, there ask and we can fit you in late.
      > >
      > >The Birthday Celebration is sponsored by the non-profit Lindy Hop
      > >Foundation in association with the New York Swing Dance Society,
      > >Night Swing at Lincoln Center, and the American Ballroom Theatre.
      > >
      > >
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