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8 Reasons Why YOU Should Come to Shag Explosion!

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  • Tara Dentry
    8 Reasons why YOU should come to Shag Explosion: It s an immediately fun dance -- With triple steps and swing-outs, Lindy Hop can sometimes be a challenging,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2013
      8 Reasons why YOU should come to Shag Explosion:

      It's an immediately fun dance --
      With triple steps and swing-outs, Lindy Hop can sometimes be a
      challenging, and occasionally frustrating dance before you get to the
      really cool moves. But with Shag, you can learn really cool-looking moves
      in the first hour or two! The whole dance is full of kicks, hops, and
      unique dance positions that you don't see in other swing dances, so it's
      fun for beginners to add to their repertoire.New dancers have an advantage -- Since
      swing dance scenes often have a lot of new members, it's fun to learn a
      dance that most other dancers aren't already good at. Someone who's only
      been dancing a few months can come to Shag Explosion and return as the
      resident Shag expert, which is a pretty nifty ego boost! On rare occasions
      we've even had hardcore dancers learn Shag for the first time on Friday,
      and win something in our newcomer Jack & Jill!New Challenges for Advanced Dancers
      -- Shag also offers more advanced dancers new and interesting challenges,
      with new rhythms and ways of connecting, and cool transitions that are
      often faster than in other swing dances. Followers get used to a much
      wider variety of rhythm choices and positions for connecting than they're
      used to in Lindy Hop, and Shag gives leaders a ton of new ideas to
      explore. Shag is also a fountain of ideas for styling and footwork
      variations, since historically those elements were always a very big part
      of the dance.Cross-Training for Lindy Hoppers
      -- Behind the scenes, Shag is also a fantastic way to train some of the
      more difficult Lindy Hop technique that's harder to improve in other ways.
      Shag focuses a lot on body-leading and -following, tight fast footwork,
      and connection skills, all of those skills that Lindy Hop teachers are
      always trying to improve in their students.Shag in Your Lindy -- Because Shag
      is danced to the same music as Lindy Hop, it's possible to transition in
      and out of Shag in the same ways as Lindy Hoppers already do with Charleston. And many
      dancers find it easier to do Shag to fast music than swingouts.It's a light-hearted social dance
      -- For true dedicated social dancers, it's all about having fun, and Shag
      is a swing dance that really brings that out. If you've been working hard
      perfecting your swingout, sometimes it's nice to just have a casual Shag.It's fun to say -- Not gonna lie,
      asking people to Shag just never seems to get old. "I was just about
      to leave, but I guess I've got time for a quickie" and so on. The
      Brits seriously lose their $#%& over this.It's fun to watch -- Because of
      the variety of footwork, dance positions and really cool moves--and also
      just because it's such a distinct and unique dance--Shag tends to be a lot
      of fun to watch. And definitely the competitions at Shag Explosion have
      been a highlight of the event even for audience participants.

      Register at www.shagexplosion.com/register
      to join the fun! You�re not too late � the Fast Feet Full Shag Package deal of
      $89 has been extended to February 1st!

      Tara Dentry

      Shag Explosion Event Director

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