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T.O.E. Housing Requests

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  • brooke filsinger
    Don t forget, today is the last day to register online for T.O.E. Jam - Toronto s 5th Lindy Exchange!  Don t miss out - www.thetoe.ca   And while you re at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2010
      Don't forget, today is the last day to register online for T.O.E. Jam - Toronto's 5th Lindy Exchange!  Don't miss out - www.thetoe.ca
      And while you're at it, we have some housing requests...  as in, we need more housing!  If you have a spare bed, couch, table, rug, bathtub, drawer or closet, we need you!  Our guests are coming from far (Australia, Switzerland, Sweden) and near (Hamilton, Waterloo) and we don't want to have them sleeping on street corners... If you have space to offer and a (hopefully but not a deal-breaker) warm shower - that's all they need, and you may just make a new dancer friend along the way!  Even if you're not registered for the whole T.O.E. Jam event or don't plan to attend every dance, you can still be a Toronto Ambassador!
      Please email Michael - Ze T.O.E. l'homme d'housing - housing@... to offer up space (or increase the number of T.O.E. guests you can house!)...
      And while you're at it, one of the T.O.E. Jammers traveling the furtherest (Sweden) is looking for extended housing - from Oct 7-17.  If you can offer housing for this period (or for even part of his trip), please let us know asap!
      Many thanks!

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