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12617Hey Everyone!

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  • Consuelo
    Sep 24, 2013
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      From: Glenn Crytzer <notification+oop1=igz@...>
      Date: 20 September 2013 15:06

      Glenn Crytzer

      Glenn Crytzer

      20 September 15:06

      Hey Everyone!

      Just a reminder that if you purchase a copy of our new EP for $7 by the end of September you'll be eligible to win event passes for Lindy Focus, Catalina, Empire City Swing, DCLX, the Seattle Lindy Exchange, ALHC, and Rock that Swing.

      To be eligible just buy a copy on CD Baby (http://goo.gl/Q78GwB) or Bandcamp (http://goo.gl/egsbqS) and then post a status on FB telling us which passes you want to be eligible for.

      (Make sure to tag me so I can see it and hey, include a link to the record and help us get the word out!)

      Full post with all the details about the passes at: http://goo.gl/ujoQGK

      Whether you want to win some event passes or not, I hope you'll check out this record. It's all my original stuff, and I think you'll dig it!

      Happy Listening!