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1Where Can You Find a Notary?

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  • jhseo36
    May 16, 2012

      There are a few directories out there that are great for finding a notary. However, generally, you can find a notary public at country offices. It it aso can be found in at any post offices or even registrar offices.

      Before finding a notary, you need to know that a notary charges for a fee, which is a few dollars and is limited by state law. Now that you have that in mind, here are some of the places to call and visit to find a notary:

      *Company or Office. If you're working in an office, there's a big chance that your company's administrative assistant is a certified notary public. And if you've received a document in an office, try to ask the person who handed the document to you if they have a notary on their staff.

      *Bank. If you need to notarize a financial document, you can call or visit your local bank and inquire if they have a notary available. Before going to the bank, make sure that what you are holding is a financial document, if not, the bank will refuse to notarize on the grounds that it is not covered by their insurance.

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