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Steven Moffat reveals Doctor Who Character Is Bisexual

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    Steven Moffat reveals Doctor Who Character Is Bisexual Published on May
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2012
      Steven Moffat reveals Doctor Who Character Is Bisexual

      Published on May 15 2012 // Cult & Sci-Fi
      <http://www.atvtoday.co.uk/category/cult/>, GLBT


      Steven Moffat has revealed a character on *Doctor Who* is bisexual.

      During a *Twitter* conversation with fans last week *Doctor Who*
      show-runner Steven Moffat revealed that a character on the BBC sci-fi
      series was bisexual. Moffat revealed one of the characters was bisexual
      when he was asked how the Doctor would respond to gay marriage -- an
      issue getting attention at home and abroad of late especially given
      President Barack Obama's declaration of support for same-sex marriage.

      Moffat's response to the question was/ "You'd have to explain gay to him
      first"/. Obviously fans were quick to point out that Captain Jack
      Harkness (John Barrowman) was pansexual and routinely flirted with men
      -- as well as women and even the Doctor himself. Then there's River Song
      who not only flirted with the Doctor but married him in the season six
      finale -- though technically that time-line never happened but that's
      time though for you.

      copyright BBC

      As one fan wrote /"but he met jack harkness!!! and he was with river!!!
      how could he not know gay vs. straight?!"./ Moffat's reply outted River
      Song as bisexual. "/Both of whom are happily bi. He comes from a world
      where such narrow views seem so ridiculous they're hard to remember"/

      So River Song [Alex Kingston] is bisexual but given she comes from the
      same century as Captain Jack (the 51st century) it's not all that
      surprising. After all it was stated in Jack's introduction story [*The
      Empty Child/The Doctor Dances]* that by the 51st century society had
      changed in regards to sexuality and no one identified themselves as
      "gay" or "straight".

      /[Via Blastr]/



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      he knows that you are slightly cracked. /Robert Meltzer

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