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Re: [torchwood] Re: New Torchwood series 'possible' but it won't be for a while, say bosses

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  • pfyre
    Well, from comments from many parts of Torchwood and Doctor Who fandom along with those in the know - RTD has never been all *that* enamoured with Jack [or
    Message 1 of 31 , Apr 8, 2012
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      Well, from comments from many parts of Torchwood and Doctor Who fandom
      along with those 'in the know' - RTD has never been all *that* enamoured
      with Jack [or John for that matter]. RTD was and from all reports
      remains enamoured with Eve Myles. He wrote a series specifically geared
      as a 'star vehicle' for EM. Unfortunately for RTD TPTB at BBC did not
      know of EM or cared little for what they were aware of her. So with that
      in mind RTD tooled 'Torchwood' - to star John Barrowman's wildly popular
      Captain Jack Harkness. AND just happened to cast EM as Gwen Cooper -
      secondary lead. He then proceeded 'to sell' everyone from EM to John to
      TPTB at the Beeb with the idea that Gwen was 'the heart of Torchwood'
      and that as the 'eyes and ears' of the audience she could ask the
      'stupid questions' while at the same time reminding the members of
      Torchwood and the immortal Jack Harkness of just what it means to be
      human. *cough cough cough* He writes and pushes the rest of the writers
      or edits the scripts to emphasize Gwen [EM] and of course makes her
      irresistible to virtually every man the stories encounter AND makes
      certain that Jack is over-his-head enamoured with her as well.

      Unfortunately with RTD's blind love of EM and the character he's created
      for her, he's many times all but destroyed Jack in order to highlight
      Gwen. RTD doesn't give a damn about Captain Jack Harkness [even if a
      huge majority of the audience for the show originally tuned in and
      continued to tune-in because of John's Capt Jack].


      /A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though
      he knows that you are slightly cracked. /Robert Meltzer

      On 4/8/2012 4:32 AM, psionycx wrote:
      > But I have to say that for me the biggest disappointment was Jack (and also what convinced me that RTD just started hating him and wanted to deconstruct him).
    • psionycx
      Thank you! You raise some really excellent points about Jack by the way. The glaring absence of UNIT left me with a mental image of the Valiant flying off with
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        Thank you! You raise some really excellent points about Jack by the way.

        The glaring absence of UNIT left me with a mental image of the Valiant flying off with "Just Married" banners streaming behind it and all UNIT personal gathering on some island with all communication frequencies jammed. Out-of-office auto replies leaving no clue as to where they had gone! XD

        Actually, at no point was Gwen really more genuinely moral than anyone else in the Hub. In "End of Days" Gwen was at the front of the line to do something absurdly dangerous (i.e. open the Rift) in order to save her boyfriend. Plus, after having a more-than-one-time affair with Owen she confessed to Rhys, purely because she selfishly wanted his forgiveness, but had proactively Retconned him so that no matter whether he did or not he would not remember her confession.

        The real clincher was in "Adrift" here she appears to show empathy (except to Andy). But in reality she is just out to prove Jack wrong. It turns out that he cares enough to see to the care of those Rift victims that come back too badly damaged to just be Retconned and returned to society. Gwen just second-guesses him and is surprised that the result was not what she hoped for.

        I agree with others here who have noted that RTD really seems to have tried to turn Torchwood into a vehicle for Eve Myles's career even if it meant driving said vehicle off of a cliff.

        Also, why drown Jack in so much angst if he is lacking in human feelings? Pretty much ALL of his stories, with or without Gwen, are about his emotions, regrets, lost loves, etc... By the time we get to MD Jack is just a plain woobie whose sole purpose is to highlight how quickly Gwen morphed into a superior action girl!

        --- In torchwood@yahoogroups.com, "sem" <catz@...> wrote:
        > Loved this email. Reminded me of a lot of things I'd conveniently forgotten,
        > but you almost have to do this in the Whoniverse.
        > However, this sentence:
        > "Maybe the world too, since Martha seemed to have taken the whole of UNIT
        > along on her honeymoon such that they were studiously unavailable."
        > Made me spit coffee out of my nose I was laughing so hard.
        > I also have a real problem with Gwen needing to remind Jack of the "human"
        > aspect in TW. For all intents and purposes, he is/was human (even tho not of
        > earth), and spent all his time after meeting the Doctor trying to help
        > humans as well as others ("Meat" comes to mind.). What does he need
        > reminding of? He fought in the wars! Hell, he WANTS to be mortal again. OK,
        > end of rant. I'm just really annoyed that TW is no more. The tag team of DW
        > and TW were real highlights of my tv-watching for a few years. It seemed
        > completely logical that such a highly rated (and loved) show would continue.
        > Silly me.
        > Catzy
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