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A More Adult Spin-Off

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  • deansantaana
    I am not going to spoil things for people who have not seen the final 3 stories of The Sarah Jane Adventures , but they took an unexpectedly more adult and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2011
      I am not going to spoil things for people who have not seen the final 3 stories of "The Sarah Jane Adventures", but they took an unexpectedly more adult and sinister turn.

      The first story in two parts was "Sky". The villain of the piece was Sky's mother, who created her. Not only was this woman a cold-blooded killer, but she was also done up in a highly fetishized outfit but it could also be seen as something you might see a dominatrix wear.

      The new girl to the cast was wearing a more adult hair style for the character of Sky. That was not your normal every day mane of hair for a kid.

      The 2nd story in two parts was "The Curse of Clyde Langer" which had almost every character lash out against character Clyde Langer as if he was the most awful person on Earth just because he touched a deadly totem pole. The viciousness of how the other characters treated Clyde was not something you might expect from a kid's show. There was a guest actress playing homeless character "Elle Farber". Where this actress came from I don't know, but I wanted to see a lot more of her.

      The 3rd and final story in two parts was called "The Man Who Never Was" that dealt with a computer guru, aired shortly around the death of Steve Jobs. The character of John Harrison was a sadistic bastard who delighted in torturing the nice aliens with shock collars and spraying them with water which burned their skin. This is stuff happening in a kid's show. While it is nice to see Harrison get his, what he was doing to the aliens was way over the top in being evil.

      By the way, the aliens in the final story were mentioned briefly by Captain Jack in final episode of "Miracle Day". It was a throwaway line by Captain Jack, but the aliens he mentioned were the Scullions which you actually see in "The Man Who Never Was".

      For those not familiar with the show "The Sarah Jane Adventures", in the first story a few years ago, Sarah Jane Smith got a son she called Luke. This season, she got an adopted daughter named Sky. If Elisabeth Sladen had lived, would Chuck Norris have joined the cast as her long lost brother Walker?

      Captain Jack made the comment about Scullions when he noted a box marked in Chinese that was full of explosives.

      If you have seen these three stories, what did you think? I also thought the hologram technology also strongly reminded me of the Teselecta from Doctor Who last season

      What do you also think of Luke, Sky and Walker?

      Just curious.

      Dean L. Kaufman
      Santa Ana, CA
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