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Torchwood Reflections (Chapter 9)

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  • LaVita
    *Chapter 9* My hand was still on the knife and the pain was unbearable, but no more unbearable then watching the body that I had seen decompose - from a bloody
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      *Chapter 9*

      My hand was still on the knife and the pain was unbearable, but no more
      unbearable then watching the body that I had seen decompose - from a bloody
      grandstand view - come back to life again. If I hadn�t been holding onto
      Angie for dear life�I probably would have been impressed.

      Finally the last sparkles of gold fell to the cold floor, and a moment of
      silence fell over the Hub. For a sad sick moment, I wondered if everyone was
      truly dead. It was just too quiet.

      At that moment, I heard a noise coming from Bramaldi. The knife was still in
      him, and he stared at me like he had just seen his worst nightmare come
      true. He tried to speak. Speaks of blood were coming from his mouth, so I
      was sure in my desperate and blind lunge at him I probably hit a lung. More
      likely he would drown in his own blood, and part of me wanted to let him.
      Two years�minus six months spent on the run�countless dead�all because of
      this man�s greed. There were also other things involved, but you get my
      point. I sighed heavily, and looked at him, as I held onto the woman who
      had risked everything for me. I knew the one thing she would want me to do.

      I let go of Angie, moved over to him, and I took the knife out of his
      stomach. Bramaldi gave me a look of gratitude. A look that suddenly changed
      as I plunged it into his heart. His eyes grew wide, and he died instantly.

      I kicked him away, not stopping to take notice that I had feet again, and
      moved back to Angie and cradling her we sat against the wall, and I kept
      holding her.

      The Alito had repaired her injuries, but she was still unconscious. I was
      just relieved that she was breathing. After a few quiet moments, I saw her
      open her eyes. �Owen?�

      �Hello gorgeous,� I said, holding her close.

      She gave me a dopey smile. �I�m tired. Can you carry me for a while?�

      I nodded. �No problem at all now. Got my legs back.�

      Angie let out a yawn, as a flicker of gold dust came out of her mouth. �So I
      see. Okay. I�m going back to sleep now.� She tucked her head back onto my
      shoulder and went back to sleep.

      After another moment, I could hear someone letting out a groan. �Oh, God
      that stuff packs a punch. And I thought hyper-vodkas were worse.�

      I let out a sigh. �Jack?�

      �Owen? Is that you?�

      I let out a snort. �Oh for fuck's sake, of course it�s me. What about
      everyone else? Gwen?�

      From just off to the side, below the walkway, as a table got pushed over.
      �Over here, and I have Ianto under me.�

      I could actually hear the grin in Jack's voice as he muttered: "Not the
      first time for that..." I heard some more movement, as Jack stumbled his way
      towards the medical bay. He crashed down the stairs part of the way, and
      landed on the floor.

      We both regarded each other for a few moments, out of breath.

      Jack was the first to speak. �You look the same.�

      �Eyes off the goods.�

      He gave a smirk. �She�s covering them.�

      �Oh for God's sake, Jack,� I heard Gwen comment. I looked up to see her
      standing at the top of the medical bay. "It feels like the bloody roof's
      fallen on me, Ianto's managed to break his favorite mug, and we finally get
      Owen back, and all you can think of is your sodding libido!"

      A few hours later, I stood in a hot shower. I wanted to savor the feeling.
      It�s amazing the things that you take for granted. Truth be told, I never
      expected to get the opportunity to take another shower again. There were a
      lot of things I was going to be able to do again, not to mention the fact
      that I was actually standing on my own two feet at the moment. That was

      As I finally got out of the shower, I grabbed a towel, crashed on the couch,
      and fell asleep for the first time in years not being scared about what was
      around the corner. I finally opened my eyes after convincing myself that it
      hadn�t been a dream, and found that someone had thrown a blanket on me. I
      sat up and found some clothes. I passed over using any of Ianto�s suits.
      Never had been comfortable with suits since, well, since I joined Torchwood.
      That left Jack's spare gear. I wasn�t all that happy that. Well, beggars
      can�t be choosers, and I wasn�t in the position to start making demands.

      I was, however, going to avoid putting the boots for as long as possible.
      For starters, they completed the package of this horrible outfit, and a size
      bigger than I wore, and for once�I wanted to feel my feet on a solid
      surface. Something I didn't know I'd miss. Another thing I took for granted.

      As I crept down the hall, I stopped and spotted myself in a mirror. I looked
      the same as I had the day I died�with the obvious exception of that gaping
      hole in my chest. Jack�s shirt, braces, and pants were�good, but I�d be
      getting new clothes as fast as I can.

      I made my way down the quiet hallway. Gwen was working at the computer. I
      let out a little cough as she turned around and smiled. I gave an
      embarrassed wave. �Hey.�

      She got to her feet and threw her arms around me. �God, I thought I would
      never see you again.�

      �Never thought I�d see you again, either. How long was I out?�

      Gwen finally let me go and smiled. �Twenty-four hours only; I was a little
      concerned, but Jack said that you and Angie both needed the rest and the
      time for�� She waved off the last part. �He started rattling on and getting
      technical. He had some notes with him, so I think he called that doctor
      friend of his. No, wait! I don�t think you know about him, it's that doctor,
      the one that....� she started to prattle on when I stopped her.

      �I met him.� I rubbed the back of my head. �Actually I was wondering where
      Angie is.�

      �Jack took her to his room. He figured her injuries weren�t life threatening
      anymore after the Alito broke everywhere. He spent the night on the couch,
      but he�s in the morgue with Ianto. Jack wanted to set Gaila up.� She smiled.
      �Angie really cares about you.�

      �Yeah. The feeling�s mutual. Best relationship I ever had that, and no sex
      was involved.�

      Gwen gave off a smirk. �Try not to kill the poor girl the first time.�

      I actually felt a blush creep over my face. �That thought had never crossed
      my mind. So what�s Ianto doing in the morgue?�

      �What I always do. Bloody paperwork." Ianto walked onto the platform,
      frowning badly. "I�m happy to report that everyone in the morgue is still
      dead,� he declared, holding onto a clipboard. "Last thing we needed is that
      gold stuff reanimating the morgue." He stopped and looked me over. �These
      clothes look better on Jack.�

      �Thanks, Teaboy.�

      �No problem, Skeletor. You want some coffee?�

      I smiled, putting my hands in my pockets. �Sure.�

      �Be back in a bit then. Glad to have you back.� Ianto looked down at his
      clipboard as he headed on, and I swear I could see a smile. Talking of the
      morgue, there was something I needed to do down there.

      I headed down the path that led to the massive stack of morgue drawers, left
      over from the original Victorian builders of the Cardiff Hub. I spotted Jack
      standing next to a pulled out tray. He appeared to be in deep contemplation,
      and I could see that he had been crying.

      I finally spoke up. �She was one of the good ones, Jack.�

      Jack looked up and nodded. He took a moment to bend down and kiss Galia's
      cold forehead. �She�ll be with Roger now.� He smiled weakly. �Best match up
      I ever made. I�m going to make sure that she gets back to her people. She
      doesn't deserve to be left in here.� He walked past me and patted me on the

      When I was sure I was alone, I walked up to Galia. Her green face was
      turning into a rather gray ash tone, but that bright red hair was still
      there. I leaned against the tray and whispered a thank you to her. If it
      hadn�t been for her, everyone in the Hub would be dead, with the obvious
      exception of Jack. Maybe me even?

      I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, just as Jack had done. �I
      promise to take care of her.�

      I closed the flap of the bag, zipped it up, slid the tray back and closed
      the door.

      Angie was sound asleep as I headed down the ladder into Jack�s hole. She was
      wearing one of his blue shirts, and I spotted her clothes neatly folded on a
      chair. Those horrid boots leaning next to the chair.

      I sat down on the edge of the cot, and watched as she lightly snored. I
      loved that sound. Then I glared at the hole's entry, and tried to get over
      my momentary urge of wanting to shoot Jack again for undressing Angie
      and�Crap, I really do have it bad.

      I noticed her manipulator on the table, grabbed it and headed back up the
      ladder. There was something I could do that Jack couldn't.


      The Matron wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and smiled. �That is a wonderful

      �Thanks.� I have to admit, seeing a humaniod cat smile was...unnerving.

      Lynch grinned fully, her pointed canines really making me feel nervous. �And
      I think you and she are going to make it last. I have faith.� She checked
      the time. �And now, Doctor Harper, I think it is time for you to take your
      young charge and leave us.� We both stood up, and she shook my hand. �It was
      wonderful to meet you.� Matron Lynch bowed her head, and added: "And may the
      maker look after you all, as he looks after us."

      �Same back to you.�

      That was when Callie finally ran into the room with her pack, right into my
      arms, and nearly knocked me off my feet. �Opps�sorry.�

      I let out a breath. �No problem, squirt.�

      Hopefully I�ll be all right at this parent thing. Can�t fuck it up any worse
      then mine did.


      I made sure that Callie was squared away with Gwen, Ianto, and Jack, before
      I went to go check on Angie. Callie had already taken a shine to Jack, just
      my luck.

      I looked Angie over; checking her vitals and examining the laceration on her
      belly. The line where the knife had gone in was pink now. She was going to
      have a scar, but by now I already knew that it wasn�t her first. I examined
      more then a few when I heard her stir. I bent over and kissed her lightly on
      the lips. �Time to wake up.�

      She opened her eyes and smiled. �Hello cuteness.�

      I smiled at her, and kissed her again. �Told you we�d make it.�

      Angie shook her head. �You told me? I told you.� She ran her hands over my
      face. �I like this face.�

      I took her hands and kissed the fingers and palm. �I like it too. Always
      liked yours.�

      Angie sighed with a smile. �Thanks.� She turned serious. �Wait, what
      happened to Bramaldi?�

      �Dead. I killed him.� I admitted with a slight hesitation. �I stabbed him
      with his own knife.�

      She sat up a little and hugged me. �Are you all right?� Angie asked me with

      Holding her close, I took in a whiff of her scent. �I�m all right. Nothing
      that I haven�t had to deal with before.�

      Angie finally let me go and fell back on the bed. �Okay.�

      �I have some bad news,� I admitted, taking her hand again. �Gaila is dead.
      She died�saving everyone.�

      She looked at me in complete shock for a moment, as her eyes welled up. I
      picked her up off the bed, as she started sobbing. I just held her close, as
      I explained what happened and all that had transpired. Angie finally calmed
      down, as I also told her that I had already brought Callie back.

      After a while I laid her back on the bed, and slid in beside her. We both
      spent a quiet moment just staring at each other. For the first time in two
      years, I could not just see her face, but touch her hand, and even feel the
      warmth of her breath. I laid there, just admiring her, wanting to do more.

      Trouble was that I was too scared. Time had just taken me back to being a�

      Angie blushed. �Not totally a virgin.�

      I grinned. �Well, a well-knowledgeable one. You been reading my mind again?�

      She shrugged. �You and I were in cramped quarters for a couple of days. I
      know what that that smile means. You know, I have heard it�s like riding a

      I moved over and kissed her. �Really?� I asked, with amusement as she took
      my hand and ran it along her bare leg.

      �Well, I�m sure the mechanics are different between species, but not really
      that much when it comes to this. Humanoid Alien and all that,� Angie
      declared as I wrapped my arms around her waist. She pulled the back of
      my�well, Jack�s shirt out from the back of the pants, as we kissed.

      "You don�t say," I managed to say as I let out a small moan as I felt her
      touch, while she pulled the shirt over my head. Angie moved on top of me,
      pulling me under her while she straddled me. Even though she had already
      proclaimed me to be a �not totally a virgin�, I gazed up at her like a horny
      teenager about to get laid for the first time. Which, if you want to get
      technical about it, it was the first time for my new body to get laid, so it
      was accurate.

      She pulled the shirt off over her head, as I gazed at her breasts like a kid
      in the sweet shop. All right, a kid who hasn�t been in this kind of sweet
      shop in two years...give or take six months.

      I looked at her, speechless and amazed at the beauty in front of me. She
      slowly took my hand, kissed the palm, and let me run my hand down her chest.

      I let out a small gasp, as she guided my hand lower. Our eyes met as I moved
      my fingers inside her. She gasped and made that small mewing noise that I�ve
      heard so many times before. Just with other women. She fell backwards on the
      bed, and kept her eyes on me as I brought her to a climax. Angie laid there
      for a few moments, catching her breath, murmuring a few words of her native

      Thank God, I actually understood them.

      I crept over her with a smile, and pressed my mouth to hers.

      �You still have your pants on, Owen,� she managed to get out in between our
      snogging. "They're going to get in the way..."

      �Oh, right,� I said, momentarily embarrassed. I was too caught up in the
      moment to notice that I had grown incredibly hard. Well, good to know that

      I jumped off the bed, quickly, and tore the pants off freeing myself. Didn�t

      bother to see if it was the same length.

      Angie took a breath, and moved over to the head of the bed. �Owen, this
      isn�t a race. I�m not going anywhere,� she reassured me.

      I looked into her dark brown eyes, and knew that I was absolutely in love
      with this woman. She got up and led me back over to the bed.

      An hour later, I was grinning, and Angie was smiling at me. �My toes are
      still tingling,� Angie stated, slightly out of breath as she wiggled back to
      get closer to me. �Not totally a virgin anymore.�

      All I could do was let out a laugh, as I held her close and kissed the top
      of her head.


      A month later, and Jack relocated us to where he had sent the other
      Alorians. It was Sicily thankfully, not Wales, and I arranged to take my
      small brood to Catania. They were in need of a doctor there, and the idea of
      retiring to a place by the shore was the best thing I had ever heard of.
      Plus this village, as it was called - but it wasn't like any village I knew
      - was large enough that no one noticed that part of it had an added bit of
      extra security. Security I wasn't sure was totally Human in design.

      Callie made new friends, and Angie retired the boots (only bringing them out
      for special occasions). The rest of the time, she wore a smashing flower
      sundress and ran around in her bare feet. Until she stepped on a jelly fish,
      and then I made her wear sandals.

      Five months after our arrival, I finally learned what Angie and Gaila had
      not wanted to tell me about the Serohwkcarc. We hid a large number of
      children, as my old friends faced off with the 456. Finally the trouble
      passed, and I got a call from Gwen. She let me know that Ianto had been
      killed, and she also told me about the full price Jack had to pay to save
      the world yet again. The old me would have demonized him for killing his own
      grandson, but I realize now exactly what it meant. He saved us all at his
      own personal expense.

      �How is he?� I asked.

      �He�s gone, literally.� Gwen admitted. �He was pretty much wiped out by what
      he had to do... He left. Rhys and I are safe, thanks to Jack. He... he made
      a deal to keep us safe from prosecution. That, and the call from the Palace
      to the PM made sure of that. I�m pregnant, so I�m still pretty sure the
      government will leave us alone.� She huffed out a breath. "Last thing they
      need is any adverse publicity from going after what's left of Torchwood. Far
      as I understand it, UNIT's taken over our role fully."

      I let out a jagged breath. �Well, then...good luck to the both of you,� I
      said, not wanting to tell her that Angie was pregnant as well.

      �Thanks, Owen. I�ll try to drop you a line,� she said, and hung up the

      A few months later, I delivered my son into this world and named him �Jack�.
      I wonder what I will tell him about the man he�s named after. That he was a
      wily git, who with the best of intentions, promptly fucked up my life in a
      right disastrous fashion so that they could be resolved into a most
      absolutely perfect manner.

      Yeah... why not.


      ~~thank you to my brilliant Scottsman.

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