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Torchwood Reflections (Chapter 8)

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  • LaVita
    Chapter 8 Oh shit. Jack, we need to get out of here now. They’re here. Gwen’s voice came over the comm, neatly confirming what I said. Jack, they’re
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      Chapter 8

      "Oh shit. Jack, we need to get out of here now. They�re here."

      Gwen�s voice came over the comm, neatly confirming what I said. "Jack,
      they�re here. Picking up two of them, low orbital entry."

      "Jack, when they scan the place�" I started, climbing into the front seat,
      when he gave me that annoying - and cocky - grin I always hated.

      "Scans are not going to pick them up," he answered, just as another car ran
      into us. The SUV rocked from the impact for a moment, as we watched the
      other car try go in for another hit. Without waiting, Jack threw the jet
      black SUV into reverse.

      That�s when we heard a familiar but labored voice came onto the comm. "Jack,
      its Gaila. You don't have any weapons that can shoot that thing. Well, you
      used to but it�s non-operational according to your inventory. We gotta use
      the rift. We can siphon the energy off and propel it."

      "No, it�s too dangerous!" he yelled, while still driving backwards.

      "Everyone on this planet is about to die. How can it get more dangerous than
      that?" Gaila snapped back. "Gwen, I�m going to patch into the ships' comms

      "Once again, it�s got to be the way of Jack Harkness," I yelled. "You�re
      going to get everyone killed."

      He swerved the SUV around in a J-turn until the vehicle was finally going
      straight. "We can�t use the rift because that's what they want us to do!"

      Ianto had his hand to his earpiece, and finally yelled. "Both of you shut
      up. I�m trying to hear."

      Both of us looked at him in shock, as we heard it come over the speakers.
      The first voice was that of a crisp imperial posh female while the other was
      just nightmarish garble.

      "Alorian Trafficker, you have violated the airspace of Sol 3 and violated
      rule 793 of The Shadow Proclamation. Cease your actions and turn around, or
      we will be forced to take immediate action."

      Next came a loud garble of noise, then the woman came back. "I do not care
      that the planet is giving asylum to your people, or that some of your
      property is down there. Frankly you should not have bought the human doctor
      wholesale from a blowfish. You are more than aware the restrictions on the
      primary species on Sol 3." Her voice lowered in tone, almost a mutter as she
      added, "Those idiot harvesters Zeta Renticuli are just as bad..."

      "I was on sale?" I snapped, realizing what she'd said

      Jack gave a shrug. "It's a buyer's market out there." Then with that grin of
      his added: "Look at the bright side. Somebody thought your body was sexy
      enough to pay money for!"

      Ianto cleared his throat. �Actually they probably put him on sale just
      hoping that they could get what they could�with him decaying and all that.�

      I glared back at him. �Thanks, because that just makes me feel so much

      He shrugged. �Glad I could help.�

      The garbling became louder, and so did the other woman's. "Do not take that
      tone with me. We have given due warning. Commander, fire when ready."

      At that moment, a large explosion erupted overhead. Jack finally stopped the
      SUV, after checking to make sure we were no longer being followed. We got
      out and watched the fireball (now noticeable by the usually blind people of

      There were a few instant fender benders, as dozens of on-lookers flooded the
      streets. Then unsurprisingly, most of them shook their heads and went about
      their business.

      Jack touched the comm link. "What about the other ship?"

      "It went away, Jack," Gwen answered, when suddenly a scream broke through.
      "Oh, God. How did you get in here?" she yelled and then the line went dead.

      I jumped into the driver�s seat and yelled for Jack and Ianto to get in.

      "I�ll drive," Jack contended.

      "You drive like an old woman," I said back. "Besides, I've not been behind a
      wheel for ages. Could do with the practice."

      Ianto pulled Jack inside. "Well, that's a reassuring thought."

      "Okay..." Jack said from the passenger seat. "But for God's sake, watch what
      you're doing. Getting this thing insured bad enough as it is, and you aren't
      on the approved drivers' list."

      In an instant and a broken taillight (not ours), we were back at the Hub. I
      parked near the lift, and we descended into it�guns drawn. Everything was

      First thing we noticed were that the lights were off. The emergency
      floodlights illuminated the bottom, as a voice rang out. �Like mice to my
      cage; nice set up you have here, Harkness.�

      Jack took an anxious breath. �Bramaldi! Why am I not surprised that you
      would show up?� he remarked, as Ianto headed one way and I another � torches
      at the ready.

      �There had been a rumor that you had gone legit, since it was Hart that
      started it � I never gave it a thought,� he said, as we heard his voice

      I flashed the torch in front of me, keeping it at a distance. I finally
      came upon a tied up Gwen. I took the gag out of her mouth, and put a finger
      to my lips before she could say anything. I untied her hands, and signaled
      for her to stay put.

      Like she would really pay attention.

      I looked back to see Jack checking the scanner on that infernal device of
      his. �Tell me, Chief. How much are they paying you to keep The
      Proclamation from interfering?�

      He laughed. �A lot.�

      Gwen whispered to me that she was going to get Galia, and she headed off.
      At that moment, we heard the muffled sounds of Ianto being knocked out.

      �Ianto,� Jack yelled, with concerned.

      I headed towards the noise.

      �Why am I not shocked that you would find a new boyfriend?� I heard Bramaldi
      state. Then I could hear fighting on the com.

      I headed straight to Ianto, kneeled down and checked for a pulse. He was
      just knocked out, but I could see a small burn on his neck. Probably a
      standard issue Sequim charge.

      I frowned, and thought about the fact that it would be so nice when Angie
      was out of my head.

      Suddenly a gunshot echoed throughout the hub, and then silence.

      �Oh, Angelica,� I heard Bramaldi taunt. �Or could it be Dr. Harper?�

      I stood up. �Doesn�t this guy know when to quit?� I asked myself. �They�re
      not going to take me back, Bramaldi. Subconscious in a body that they don�t
      like,� I mentioned, and started to run down the darkened hallway.

      I got back to the main floor to find Jack, with a bullet wound to his head.
      I couldn�t feel a pulse, but knew it was only a matter of time before he
      came back to life. Him and Cockroaches.

      Suddenly I felt a arm around my waist and the sheering pain of a knife in my
      side. I let out a scream, and turned to see Bramaldi.

      �Guess it�s Dr. Harper,� he said, tossing up the knife to get a better
      gripe. �Lopez would not be that stupid.�

      At that moment, my leg shot to sweep him off of his feet, and somehow I
      managed to actually flip over him by grabbing both of his arms.

      Knowing it was Angie trying to take some measure of control, I decided to
      use the change she gave me to start running.

      Bramaldi let out a growl as he got to his feet.

      As I raced downstairs into the medical bay, Bramaldi grabbed one of my legs
      and knocked me flat. I managed to turn around and give him a swift kick,
      but I think Angie�s fighting skills weren�t helping me at the moment. I was
      doing my best to keep her at bay, and the pain in my stomach was getting
      worse. The bandage was soaking through as well, and I was scared that she
      was going to bleed to death.

      Still I put all of those thoughts out of my head as I scrambled down the
      stairs, and pushed to the drawer. I pulled the door open, hauled the drawer
      out, and opened the lid.

      Bramaldi had finally made it to the last stairs. �You do realize that in a
      bit�you�re going to be a package deal for both of them. When she�s
      gone�that body is going to be yours.�

      I let out a sick laugh. �Thanks. That�s even more incentive,� I responded
      and dumped the box over.

      The liquid and the bones spilled out onto the floor, knocking both us off of
      our feet and into the sapphire blue water. I saw my skull float over to a
      corner and stop.

      �You can watch yourself die now,� Bramaldi declared.

      I kept inching backwards in the small cramped medical bay, as Bramaldi came
      closer with the knife.

      Suddenly I heard a loud thud on the metal table, we both looked up to see
      Gaila. She was standing on the table, holding the canister of the Alito. A
      thick trail of blood was coming from the side of her mouth. I could see
      blood gushing out of a wound on her side.

      He scowled. �Should have finished you off when I had the chance.�

      She smiled. �I know�it�s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
      Take care of our girl, Owen.�

      Before I could respond, she tossed the canister into the air, pulled out her
      blaster and shot it�just as Bramaldi took another shot at her. She crashed
      to the table with a thud.

      At that moment, Gold flakes started to splash down and quickly reacted with
      the fluid. The fluid churned and bubbled.

      Bramaldi seemed fazed, and was unable to move. I scrambled to find the
      knife, as all I could think of was keeping an arm around Angie. I finally
      felt the handle and grabbed it out the water, as the world went black.

      I should have been panic stricken at that moment, but I was calm. I still
      had my hand on the knife although it felt different. My arm was wrapped
      around something, and I knew it was Angie. Or at least I hopped it was.

      At that moment, I could hear Bramaldi coming towards me. I held the knife
      up and just plunged it. It made contact with a sickening blow, and then
      suddenly I could see.

      The look on his face was astonishing. He was terrified, but if finally
      dawned on me. The hand holding the knife was that of a skeleton�and so was
      the arm.

      Suddenly the gold flakes turned into a shower and the fluid that surrounded
      us erupted.

      **To Be Concluded**

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