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Torchwood Reflections (Chapter 6)

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  • LaVita
    *Chapter 6* I could hear the sound of the waves lapping on the water, as I felt the cool air on my skin. I opened my eyes to a crimson sky. I sat up on my
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      *Chapter 6*

      I could hear the sound of the waves lapping on the water, as I felt the cool
      air on my skin. I opened my eyes to a crimson sky. I sat up on my elbows and
      looked out at the sea. Across the water, I could see an emerald moon as it
      started to rise above the water. I scanned the water, actually quite
      impressed with the entire scene. That�s when I noticed my shoes. I actually
      had shoes on. I sat up and noticed that I was wearing pants, which meant
      that I had legs. I patted the legs with my hands.

      Wait: I have hands!

      I finally got up on my feet, running my hands along my body to make sure
      everything was where it was suppose to be. I ran down the beach, yelling�and
      acting like a bloody idiot. But then I stopped. I turned around and saw her.

      Angie: she was calmly sitting on the beach. Even in the light of the moon, I
      could tell she was crying. Still she was smiling. She was happy, and she was
      wearing this smashing flower dress with no shoes on.

      I thrust my hands in my pockets and headed back to her. She wiped her face,
      as I sat down next to her in the cool sand. �Well, this isn't Kansas, and
      this is something to do with the transference, yeah? If it ain�t, then I'm
      having one hell of a weird trip.�

      Angie nodded, as she looked around with an approving smile. �Transference.
      Way better than any narcotic enduced high. It�s pretty much the only clear
      way we�re going to be able to communicate for a while. So this is where I'm

      I gave her a smile. �You could have given a guy a warning.�

      Angie lowered her head. �Jack would have screamed bloody murder if I had.
      Doing this for a couple of moments is all right. Doing it for more then a
      week will give you a stroke�killing you and me.�

      I looked at her in disbelief, slightly angry. �Then you shouldn�t have done

      She grinned, as a fresh bout of tears came in her eyes. �But you see�I
      couldn�t take it if you�bobbing in a box like an apple.�

      I put my hand on the back of her head, pulled her forward and kissed her.
      �You always do too much.�

      She moved into my arms. �Someone has to at this juncture.�

      I wrapped my hands around her middle. �Why does it have to be you?�

      Angie looked up at me. �Haven�t you figured it out by now?�

      �Yeah.� I grew silent, enjoying the feeling of her (if technically this was
      all in her imagination�or mine), as the water continued to lap against the
      shore. �How are we going to work this out?�

      She leaned her head against me, and looked out on the water. �You�re going
      to have to get very clinical for the showers.�

      I inhaled deeply. �I don�t think I can. Besides, I'm - was - a doctor. Hate
      to make this sound harsh, but I've seen it all before.�

      Angie sighed. �It's not the same, Owen. Besides, it'll creep me out � not to
      mention it will for you. You just don�t want to tell me." She sighed
      again. "Well, if you feel a pull�that will be me taking over. But besides
      that�things you need to know. I�m allergic to shellfish. Not a deathly
      allergy; I just tend to break out into hives.�

      I kissed the top of her head and gave a half smirk. �I�ll keep that in

      �You'd better. Those hives take forever to clear. Right, you need to wake
      up. Now.�

      From off in the distance, I could hear Gaila�s voice. I opened my eyes�or
      her eyes�you get the picture�to see her.

      Gaila gave me a smirk. �What a way to get in touch with your feminine side!�

      I let out a groan. �Not funny.�

      �Jack�s not happy.�

      �Jack�s never happy,� I answered in a huff. �And this isn�t forever. You
      know I�m not going to let her keep me in here long enough for her to

      �I know. Already set up the cleaning process. Figured you didn�t need that
      complete extroverted moment.�

      I sat up. �Thanks.� I looked down at Angie�s feet. �Where are the boots?�

      She picked them up. �You might want to wait before you try those.�

      I swung the legs over, putting my feet on the cold floor, and took the boots
      from her. Both of them were over-the-knee with a sharp pointed heel. �How
      can you women wear these things?�

      Gaila let out a laugh, as Gwen came over. �Any changes?�

      �Owen�s having an identity crisis.�

      Gwen gave me a hesitant smile. �You all right? Is there anything I can get

      I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. �Is that rhetorical question?� I
      asked, examining Angie�s boots. �I�m shocked she never broke her neck on
      these things.� I put the boots down on the floor, letting my head droop
      down. I smirked, as I snuck a peak down the shirt I was wearing. �I thought
      she was bigger then this.�

      Gwen let out a snort. �Time was you'd ogle a girl wearing that sort of boot.
      Now you'll find out just how we suffer for fashion!" She nodded at Gaila.
      "He�s fine. He always was a moaner.�

      I grinned, as I felt a stomach grumble. �I think I�m hungry.� Looking at
      Gwen, I suddenly had a craving. "Pizza. I haven't had that since I got shot.
      Tell me we've got one of Jubilee's special Mex deep pans in the fridge."

      �I�ll see if we have some left,� Gwen announced, heading to the kitchen.

      Gaila frowned, shaking her head. �Don't pig out Owen. Angie might not be too
      happy if you put on weight! Okay, I have to go. Bramaldi has already started
      putting a tracker out on me. Need to go and face the music. However since
      you are technically under the protection of Torchwood and Angie, I may get a
      better reception.�

      I fidgeted a little. �I hope so. Not exactly keen on becoming bomb making
      materials again.�

      She sighed and sat down next to me; taking my hand. �That is never going to
      happen again, the bomb thing. It took you guys this long to get this far.
      We�re going all the way.� I nodded, and Gaila pulled me into a hug.
      �Remember to take care of our girl, Owen.�

      �I promise,� I responded, wrapping my arms around her.

      She kissed me on the forehead, and headed off to the other side of the Hub.
      Gaila stopped, waved, then making an adjustment on the device she had on her
      wrist, left in a flash of light.

      A couple of minutes passed before Gwen came back. �Seems we�re out, so
      Ianto's ordering some in. Jack probably ate the rest of it.� She looked
      around. �Where�s Gaila?�

      �She had to leave.�

      Gwen nodded and looked down at her feet. �Ahh.�

      I noticed how uncomfortable she was. �Listen, you don�t have to stay

      �Don�t be daft. Let�s go out. I've an extra jumper in my desk that'll fit

      I looked down at the boots. �You wouldn�t happen to have any extra shoes?
      Something flat?�

      A bit later, I was at a pub�wearing Gwen�s long gray jumper and much more
      comfy shoes, sipping on a pint, and trying not to think about the fact that
      in the last few hours I had gone from being a skull to a woman. AND since
      technically I was a man trapped in a woman�s body, wouldn�t this make me a

      Okay�not really. This body was a rental after all. I could look on the
      bright side of things. At least I wasn�t bobbing around in a metal box.

      At least�

      �So do you come here often?� a male voice asked.

      I wasn�t getting hit on. That would be going too far... I turned to face the
      bloke. He was tall, blonde, and with a certain smug air about him. In
      another life, I was him, without the sad come-on line. �Is that the best you
      can do?� I asked in a low voice.

      He leaned forward with a grin. �There�s always more where that came from.
      Name�s Shawn, by the way.�

      I took a drink, made a face, and tried to think of something that I had
      heard once. �Oh�who are you kidding?�

      Shawn frowned. �Pardon?�

      I turned around and inched closer. �Well, you know what it's like at the
      start. You lot are all fiery-eyed, and eager, and you haven't seen me naked
      yet. And it's like your smashing at my door with a mighty battering ram. And
      you promise to ravish me forever.�

      He looked at me a little baffled.

      �So we brace ourselves for man overload, and throw open the doors, and what
      do we find standing there? An oversized toddler who wants his dinner. And
      before we can say, "There's been a terrible mistake," you�re snoring on my
      sofa, the fridge is full of empty bottles, and the whole place smells of

      Shawn frowned. �I�ve got some friends waiting,� he said, motioning off into
      another direction. He took a drink from his pint and headed off.

      I gave him a little wave and watched as he headed off.

      Gwen headed over. �Making friends?�

      �Not entirely sure how much of that was me, or Angie breaking through. Can
      we just head back?�

      She nodded. �You can stay with Rhys and me, or do you want to head back to
      the Hub?�

      The idea of getting stuck in a flat with the man whose wife I repeatedly
      screwed for the good part of a month (Okay�she wasn�t his wife then, but she
      was his girlfriend) was the last thing I wanted to do. I opted for the Hub.
      Sod it, somehow I got a sense of shame. Must be a side effect of losing your

      Back in the Hub, I waited until she was gone before I headed to the
      computer. My codes were long gone, but Tosh had shown me the back door to
      the files. I found the drawer where they put her, and headed to morgue.
      Jack was in the last stages of arrangements of getting Tosh back to her
      Grandmother. He gave my folks a ludicrous story. Honestly I could have
      cared less what was told to them, but I appreciate the effort.

      I pulled her out and unzipped the bag. With the exception of the blue lips
      and pasty skin, it looked like she was sleeping. They always did. I slipped
      down to the floor next to her. �Hey Tosh,� I said, taking her cold hand out
      of the bag. I looked down at the fingers, kissed them, and put her hand back
      in the bag. �It�s Owen. Looking a little different at the moment,� I said
      with a laugh. �Guess it�s a little karmic payback after all these years.
      Personally I think you�d have a good laugh about it, minus everything else.�
      I looked over at her silent face. �I�m glad you weren�t around for this. Two
      years of running about completely helpless�minus the six months Angie
      decided that we needed to go back to avoid�I don�t know�crack whores of the
      universe as she called them. I would have lost my mind if it hadn�t been for
      Angie. Callie too. We had to take her with us because her family had been
      killed.� I sat in the silence of the morgue. �If I live through this, Tosh,
      I�m going to change�really.� I sighed, giving Tosh a kiss, zipped the bag
      back up, pushed the tray back in, and closed the door.

      It had finally come. That moment I didn�t want to think about; shower time.

      After about an hour of rummaging through Gwen�s workstation desk, I found
      something. I grabbed everything and sat in the shower room, with the door
      closed. Trying not to think about it, I know that I could use Angie�s
      suggestion about being clinical, but�I felt like I was being pulled from
      behind. I suddenly landed in what felt like a hammock. It was comfortable,
      as I heard Angie.

      *�Told you that I would still look after you. Now, no peeking!� *

      I breathed a sigh of relief, as I laid back, closed my eyes, and listened to
      her. The experience was a little surreal, even though it was the best peep
      show I ever saw.

      Yeah, couldn�t help myself. I peeked.

      *�Owen! We need to talk.�* I heard Jack yell.

      Angie stopped and groaned. *�Boy is this a trip, Owen? Usual Jack Harkness
      idiot sense of timing.�* She declared. *�What?�* she shouted, turning off
      the water and grabbing a towel.

      Jack headed into the shower room and stopped. *�Oh�sorry." * He stepped

      Angie glared. *�Look at you being all modest. God knows you never were
      before.�* She grabbed her clothes, and got dressed.

      Jack popped his head back into the room.* �Angie?�*

      She threw the wet towel at him. *�Never said I wasn�t. Make the bloke a
      woman. You honestly think I�ll make him shower as one. And this planet
      wonders about people who are transgender.� *

      I felt a small bit of pride. That was my girl thinking of me.

      *�Back in this period, they still have that pesky nudity taboo. It's not
      like our time. If he'd asked, I would have helped,�* Jack balked, as Angie
      threw one of Gwen�s shoes at him.

      *�You keep your hands off him. Me. You�ve caused enough damage, and I�m not
      even going,�* she stated, finding other things to throw, �to mention the
      mental image of you washing Owen while he�s in your ex-wife�s body.�

      I groaned, because I just got the image.

      Jack finally grabbed her wrists. *�I was joking, but I�m not joking in the
      fact that you had to have done the dumbest thing ever.�*

      Angie wiggled out of his hands. *�What? So he and I have been in close
      quarters for a couple of days. Considering the fact that you�re the one
      responsible for him being in this mess�you don�t have a fucking vote,�* she
      said and headed off.

      I had to smile at that thought, although I wasn�t really sure if this was
      because she was mad at him for John Hart�or if she was mad because of what
      happened to me.

      Jack scowled. *�I�m sorry for what I did, but he was a member of my team. I
      let him down, and I wanted to make sure that he knew what was coming on the
      other side.�*

      *�It has nothing to do with him being on the other side. He was a member of
      your team, and you can�t hack it if someone dies on your watch. So you used
      that sodding glove, and you brought him back�.all the way, and you�ve killed
      a lot of people to do it. There is always a price. A debt always has to be
      paid. The Creator always asks for something in return. You never could get
      that through your thick head. You always had to be in control all the time,�
      * she shot back.

      *�So that�s why you left me," *Jack shot back. I could hear the pain in his
      voice. It was actually a little odd.

      Angie was quiet for a moment. Then she spoke. *�They were coming. They were
      going to kill you to get to me. I didn't want you to die, and if it meant I
      had to loose you then so be it...AND if you don�t understand that�then you
      can fuck off.�* Her voice cracked a little, and I knew that she was near
      crying. She looked around. *�So where can I crash in this place?�*

      Jack put his hands in his pockets and for once seemed to be at a loss for
      words. *�You can have my room.�*

      Angie looked at him. *�Where will you be?�*

      He shook his head.* �Don�t worry about me,�* he said, leading her to his

      Angie looked down at the open hatch in the floor. *"You sleep in a sewer?"*

      *"No, I sleep in a special room that happens to look like a sewer. It's

      A little while later, I felt Angie right next to me. Her head was resting on
      my shoulder. She was silent, and I could feel that she wasn�t in the mood
      for talking. I just kissed her on the side of the head. Angie wrapped her
      arms around me and went to sleep.

      A couple of hours later, I woke up, and took a few moments to look around
      Jack�s little hovel before I got up. For all I knew of him, there was
      nothing of any personal stuff. For all his behavior, Jack seemed to live
      like a monk, with little - aside from that bloody jacket and old revolver -
      to show for his past. Anyway, I grabbed a jumper and headed off to the
      roof�or to be kind accurate, the Plas by the fountain. Sounds mad, but I
      wanted to see Cardiff; the place where all the alien trash, BEMs had a mad
      habit of washing up.

      God, I missed this place.

      At that moment, I heard a loud thud. I turned around to see Gaila crumpled
      in a heap on the ground, unconscious. And that's when I lost some control of
      the body I was in. I felt the sudden rush of shock, the feeling of tears.
      Angie's best friend lay in front of us, and Angie wasn't going to let me
      stand in her way.

      I did my best to stop her. �God, Angie. Don�t do this. Let me help her.
      Trust me.�

      At that moment, she finally relented. I picked up Gaila, threw her over my
      shoulder and headed back into the Hub.

      **To Be Continued**

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