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Torchwood Fanfic Reflections (Chapter 5)

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  • LaVita
    *Chapter 5* Jack yelled out the door. Gwen, Ianto! Conference room! He headed back to his seat as Gaila glared at him. I didn t think that this would
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      *Chapter 5*

      Jack yelled out the door. "Gwen, Ianto! Conference room!" He headed back to
      his seat as Gaila glared at him. "I didn't think that this would happen."

      Gaila frowned, crossing her arms in front of her. "Of course not, Jack. You
      never think about things," she glumly reminded him as the other two entered.

      "You bellowed," Gwen retorted, as she took a seat.

      Ianto came in, with a tray of coffee for Jack and Gwen, and a mug of tea for
      Gaila. She smiled as he slid it over to her. "So what brings you all the way
      over here?"

      Gaila frowned, as Jack took a breath, then answered for her. "Owen's alive."

      Gwen looked up at him in complete surprise. "But that's impossible."

      Ianto however kept his face impassive. "Like a bad penny."

      Gaila took a sip of her tea. "Jack? You need to tell them everything."

      Jack glared. "Why don't I let you do the honors? Since you know more than I


      "So what is the first thing you are going to do when we're no longer
      fugitives, and I have two feet?" I asked Angie. It was something she would
      always ask me when she thought I was getting depressed. There was something
      bothering her, and I could tell.

      "It's not just you getting your feet back I'm interested in Owen." She gave
      me a wicked grin. "There's another part of your body instead!" She laughed,
      then added, "Go to the beach possibly. Back home, we lived near the beach."

      "Maybe you can show me one day?"

      Angie sighed deeply, and started to say something when we both heard a loud
      and frankly weird sound. Sort of like a rising and falling wail, with wind,
      that was followed by a bang. "Hold that thought," she said, and walked
      carefully towards the noise source.

      We rounded the corner to see a blue police box with the door open, parked
      right next to a lamppost. A pair of legs were sticking out. An old British
      police box. Oh god, I thought, I know this one...

      Angie headed over and looked in. "It would be him...." she muttered.

      The inside of the box was huge. It was covered in something that appeared to
      be gold chrome. Controls were raised on a platform of glass. Angie looked
      down at the man, whom the feet belong to. He appeared to be a young bloke
      wearing a tweed coat, shirt, and bow tie. He also had the start of a giant
      bump on his head.

      She shook her head. "This explains so much." She bent over and patted his
      face. "Come on, sweetheart, time to wake up."

      He groaned, as Angie bent over and pulled him out of the police box. She
      went back around and closed the door. "Don't want anyone running off with

      "Her?" I asked.

      "Yeah, long story," she answered, pulling the man up on the side of the
      police box.

      "How do you know him?"

      She kneeled down to face him. "I arrested his killer. Well, one of them.
      Very unpopular man with certain life forms. Oy, Doctor, wake up."

      "Wait: arrested his killer? How is he still alive? Never mind."

      This Doctor person finally started to come around, letting out a groan. "I'm
      on the floor. Why? Oh, wait. I remember. Ouch. Oh, my head. What'd I run

      "A lamp post: you park badly, you know?" Angie answered, pulling him to his

      He looked at her confused. "No, I just didn't expect a lamp post to be
      there. Wait. Do I know you?" His eyes grew wide. "Oh, I do. Or I will.
      Something like that." His face lit up in a broad - if not lunatic smile.
      "Angie! My word, you've... grown. Or got older. We have met concurrently,

      She frowned. "You just regenerate or something? You smell new. And you're
      sounding more mad than normal." She looked at the police box. "And you've
      had something done to her, haven't you? Looks... newer."

      He nodded, touching the top of his head. "Hmm? What? Ah yes. Had a spot of
      redecorating just done. I was taking her out for a spin." He looked back at
      the blue box. "Might need to double check the controls...."

      Angie put her arm around him to steady him along. "Well, come on. We were
      just going to get a bite to eat."

      The Doctor looked at her, confused. "We?"

      Angie laughed, and led him to a pub.

      She headed towards a back booth, slide him into one side, and took the other
      side. I know why. Angie wanted to be able to still see the door. Someone
      came over, and she ordered two bowls of stew.

      The Doctor frowned. "You don't even know if I like stew."

      "Neither do you," Angie contended.

      He shrugged. "You have a point."

      At that point, she pushed the glasses up, and took me out of her bag. She
      set me on the table. The food was brought over.

      Angie sighed as he finally started eating. "Listen, I need an opinion."

      He shot a glare at my skull on the table. "Since when did you get into head

      "Oh please, don't start with that whole Alas poor Eric thing - Listen, this
      is important."

      He waved a hand. "You mean alas poor Yoric. Mind you, always told William
      that wasn't his strongest scene... And no, I am not going to touch the
      thing. Last time I did that, a Fendalhleen tried to drain me dry."

      Angie looked at him astonished, as she started eating a dinner roll.
      "Really? Where? That species has been out of action for millennia."

      He took another bite of the stew. "Hmm? Oh, er, Happened on Earth, place in
      England called Fetch Priory. 1970's, could have been 80's. Never could keep

      I finally managed to butt into the conversation. "That was you?!! You burned
      the house down!"

      The Doctor looked at Angie, then at me. "You do know that skull just
      talked." He said, an intense look on his face as he peered.

      Angie rolled her eyes. "I was about to tell you. Doctor, meet Owen. Owen,
      this is the Doctor. He's a... well, interesting. And knows a lot."

      I huffed. "Oh, I know him. Well, know of him. We had a bloody standing order
      about him. Threat to the Empire, Torchwood and the world. Jack always used
      it to throw darts at that scroll."

      The Doctor reached across, picked me up and examined, turning me upside
      down. I swear I'd be sick if I could. Angie finally snatched me back and sat
      me back on the table. "Hmm...let me see... Skull, Human, still active... Ah,
      got it! Extant vitality. Your life essence, so to speak, continues after
      your primary psychical destruction! Brilliant! Unheard of in Humans, if not
      impossible. Now how did you manage that? Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! You
      were in Torchwood? Jack? Jack Harkness!" He finally looked up at Angie, who
      nodded. "Well, that's just great, perfect. How did he manage to do this?"

      Angie smiled at him, but I could tell she wasn't doing it to be nice. "Large
      Silver Glove."

      The Doctor looked at her confused, but then his eyes grow wide. "Ahhh...
      Sort of like a gauntlet? Metal?"

      I actually tried to nod. Of course, I couldn't, but it seemed an automatic

      Angie just raised an eyebrow. "Yeah."

      The Doctor ran his fingers through his hair, testing its length. "I think I
      need a haircut."

      Angie pounded on the table. "Doctor!"

      He actually looked sheepish. "Hmm? Oh sorry, mind wanders off a bit. Or it's
      just too full of things. What were we talking about? Ah, I know where that
      glove came from, what it could, can, will do. They always seem to turn up in
      odd places.... Sorry, but where did you find him? You've not been to Earth,
      have you?"

      "The Traffickers," she answered, with her arms crossed. I could sense the
      anger in her voice. "They salvaged what they could of him and used it for
      natural explosive devices."

      The Doctor looked at her, and sighed deeply. "I heard about that bombing on
      Marvaran. There was a rumor that a transport got the children out safely."

      Angie nodded.

      He sighed, and turned over to the bar. "Oi waiter! We could use a bottle of
      wine over here. And no red!"

      Angie frowned. "You're not usually a drinker."

      "I'm thinking of starting. After all I've seen, all I've interfered in; I
      see the worst of races, and the best. But I wish I could just..." He shook
      his head. "The universe isn't fair, it isn't good. But there are times I
      would cheerfully become not its champion but the instrument of vengeance."

      We drank. Well, Angie and the Doctor did. For all I had heard of this man,
      all the things he'd done, he looked very much as if all the weight of the
      universe fell on his shoulders. Even if he dressed like a psychics professor
      with a bad case of muscular control. As he talked his arms went everywhere.
      Finally after a couple of hours, Angie fell asleep in the booth. Her hands
      were in her lap and she snored lightly.

      The Doctor smirked. "And she says I can't hold my liquor."

      I could sense Angie's steady breathing behind me. "She needs her sleep
      regardless. She does a lot for me, more then she should actually."

      The Doctor finished his glass. "Yeah. Well, it's in their nature." He
      cleared his throat. "I mean, her nature."

      I noticed the backtracking. "What do you mean?"

      He let out a laugh. "Angie's right. I can't hold my liquor now either.
      That's one of the side effects of a regeneration. Something always changes.
      Though it takes a lot before I begin to feel the effects," the Doctor
      admitted, sitting back in the booth seat. He had a wistful look on his face.
      "I should have found a way to fix the situation before I locked them up, and
      now they're gone, and I can't undo what's happened."

      I let him go on. Sometimes the best way to get the information you wanted
      was to let a drunken man talk. Except for a drunk, he remained completely
      sober. It was if he just wanted to talk.

      "You see, the Time Lords and the Alorians are basically cousins. I could see
      their planet from my house." He let out a sad laugh. "We can regenerate
      ourselves twelve times. Alorians can change parts of their bodies twelve
      times, and they were so unlike us...I mean...them. They would go across the
      universe helping others, doing good work while we...." He let out a smile.
      "They created a formula that they called Alito."

      Didn't want to tell him that I already knew about Alito, but I let him go

      "They were going to use it as a medical aid for other planets in peril...or
      something like that," he told me with a smirk. "But Rassilion would have
      none of that. He wanted it for himself, plus the whole idea of the Alorians
      being more loved then any other race in the universe�that type of thing. So
      he took his big metal gauntlet and did away with the senior Alorians."

      "So he killed them because he was jealous?"

      The Doctor nodded. "Yes, such a simple bit of jealousy. But they aren't
      dead. Might as well have been. They were changed into the traffickers, and
      he directed them to kill all of their people�and anyone who got in their

      I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "That's insane."

      He let out a sad laugh. "I know. That's one of the reasons why I put them in
      the time lock. But that's why the Shadow Proclamation won't help the
      Alorians. They think since the Time Lord High Council went stark raving mad
      - then by definition, the Alorians will too. The Sisterhood on Karn went
      underground, well, no�not underground more like slipped sideways. " He
      shrugged. "That's not important. But there's no evidence to presuppose that
      the remaining Alorians will end up like my people, but that's government for

      Suddenly Angie woke as the door flew open. She almost jumped out of her
      skin, as a couple of Traffickers floated in. The Doctor pulled her under the
      table, and stuffed me in his coat.

      Under the table, Angie pulled the glasses on, and I could see as the
      Traffickers floated by. Other patrons seemed were anxious as they swept
      around, but the Doctor was completely calm. Surprisingly so. I heard
      footsteps approach, and he spoke quietly, the tone pleasant: "Hello. I'm the
      Doctor. You'll have heard of me? Good. You might want to leave. Now." The
      final word had an edge to it.

      They left the pub quickly. Angie crawled back out from under the table. She
      looked at the door and muttered under her breath. She turned back to the
      Doctor, scowling. "I'm always surprised at how you manage that."

      "Oh, you live as long as me, you gain a reputation." He opened his jacket
      and handed me back to her. "Did I mention how sorry I am?"

      She glowered. "That's already been established."

      He sadly nodded. "Need a ride?"

      Angie nodded. "That was too close."

      The Doctor nodded. "I know where you need to go then."

      �Yes, we need to go back to Sol 3,� Angie stated. �We can�t keep
      puddle-jumping from planet to planet with no help in sight.� She wiped her
      face under the glasses.

      I finally spoke up. �That�s what you�re scared about.�

      The Doctor nodded. �All right then. I�ll get you back to Cardiff.
      However, things are a little different since the serohwkcarc went through,�
      he admitted with a frown. �I was too busy dealing with�.�

      Angie fumed. �We don�t need you feeling sorry for yourself at the moment,
      and I think you better drop us off at least a good six months before they
      show up. It gives us enough time. Now, give him back to me.� She took me
      back from the Doctor, but I could see from his expression that he was
      concerned with her.

      She put me back in the bag, and we headed out.

      �So what are you going to do when they have to clean his skull from the
      radiation?� the Doctor asked, as he open the TARDIS door.

      Angie headed to a chair. �I have a plan.� She set the bags down and sat
      down in the chair exhausted.

      �Angie, what are the serohwkcarc?� I asked.

      She shook her head. �The crack whores of the universe, Owen. That�s all
      you need to know.�


      Gaila finished her explanation, as Gwen and Ianto looked at her in shock.
      Both of them then glared at Jack, infuriated.

      "You can get pissed at me later. Right now, we just need to find them," he
      reintegrated. "After that you can kill me."

      Gwen balked. "All the good that will do."

      Ianto pulled out his mobile.

      Gaila let out a quick laugh. "That's true, you are like that rash that won't
      go away."

      Jack frowned, as he finally took a seat. "I did not give your husband that
      rash. Can we contact the resistance to find them?"

      Ianto finally spoke up. "Jack, that might not be a good idea. Our contact
      inside tells me that an operative's house was bombed last night. Resistance
      Leaders were told that the source of the Traffickers materials was found.
      They were taking care of a woman with dark hair."

      "That would be Angie," Jack stated.

      "They were also taking care of a small child, who had a pouch with her.
      Anyway, the pair vanished when the Traffickers came to collect them. When
      they could not be found, the house was bombed."

      Gwen smiled. "So they could still be all right. We just have to find a way
      to make contact and get them here."

      Jack looked over at Gaila. "Even if we get Owen back here, how do we restore

      "The Alito: it's like regeneration in a can. Angie took it when she stole
      Owen. Of course, the bones," she stopped as she could sense the uneasiness
      in both Gwen and Ianto. "The bones have to be cleaned."

      Jack nodded. "One thing at a time."

      Suddenly the alarms went off.


      Angie stepped out of the TARDIS, with me in tow and her bag, into the dark
      night on the wharf. The Doctor followed her and hung to the door. "Good

      Angie smiled. "Good luck to you as well." She gave him a hug. "Chin up for
      what's to come."

      He grinned. "Are you trying to give me spoilers?"

      She laughed. "Now where's the fun in that?"

      Angie walked off a little, and watched as the TARDIS dematerialized. She
      stood there for a moment in the quiet of the night. "All right. Now what?"

      I sighed. "Well, we're about five kilometers from the Hub. You think he
      could have at least gotten us a little closer."

      She huffed. "We're lucky he got us in Cardiff to begin with. He once dropped
      a girl off in the wrong town." Suddenly a noise caught her attention, Angie
      took her gun out.

      "Angie, what's wrong?" I asked, suddenly a little concerned. "Are they here
      as well?"

      She sniffed the air, and made a face. "Why is he here?"

      At the moment Angie was struck from behind, falling to the ground
      unconscious. My world went black.

      For the first time since this whole ordeal started, I had never been so
      terrified in my life. Whoever knocked Angie out was breathing heavily, but
      as soon as the attack started I heard that old familiar tire screech, and
      Jack's voice. "Angie!"

      "Jack!" I yelled as loudly as I could. "Over here."

      "Owen?" Jack said, as I heard him run over.

      "Everything is clear," I heard Gwen say.

      Suddenly the world lit up again, as I looked into Gaila's eyes. I saw Jack
      wave his hand in front of his face. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

      "You're gonna loose that hand as soon as I can bite it off! AGAIN!!" I

      He laughed. �Nice to know your personality hasn�t changed.�

      Gaila looked over Angie as Gwen headed over. "What happened?" Gwen asked.

      "We got dropped off. We were talking, and then suddenly someone hit her," I
      explained. "I think she knows who it was."

      "She'll be fine," Gaila announced. "She's just going to have a headache when
      she wakes up."

      Jack picked her up off the ground, as Gaila grabbed my bag, and the larger
      pack. He tossed Gwen the keys, and we headed off.


      After about an hour, Angie's eyes started to flicker and then she bolted
      straight up. "Owen," she cried, then cringed, and fell back on the couch.

      "Right here," I said, from my perch on the table. "She's awake," I yelled.

      Gaila came over with some tea for her. "You really know how to make an

      Angie managed to sit up, hugged Gaila tightly. "Well, you know me. What

      "Don't you remember," I asked.

      "It's a bit foggy at the moment," she responded, looking around. "Don't tell
      me that we're where I think we are."

      Gaila nodded. "When in doubt, improvise."

      Angie gave her a smirk. "All right. You're forgiven." She took a long drink
      of the tea, set it down, grabbed me. She took up a picture that was also on
      the table. �Is this you?� she asked with a smile.

      �Show me.�

      She held up my old badge picture. I was quiet for a moment, and then I
      finally told her it was.

      Angie smirked. �I approve, and at least I know that you�re more then just a
      pretty face.�

      I actually let out a laugh, as she slipped the picture in her pocket and
      headed with me to the conference room.

      Jack smiled. "See, you're up and about."

      Angie nodded. "I had heard some rumors that you were into something
      different these days." She nodded to Gwen.

      "So you're Jack's ex-wife?" Gwen asked with a tone.

      Angie smiled and said a few words; causing Gaila to cover her smile.

      Jack tapped her on the shoulder, as Angie scowled. I had told her about Gwen
      and my affair.

      Ianto walked in behind her. "Brought your tea," he said to Angie, handing
      her the mug. Angie set me down on the table, as she took the mug.

      She smiled at him. "Thank you."

      Jack sat down. "So what's the plan for the bone head here?"

      "Hey," I yelled.

      "I'm joking."

      Angie glowered, as she took a seat. "It's not funny. Anyway, the bones are
      going to have to be cleaned. Owen told me that this girl Tosh could help
      with that."

      Everyone grew quiet. I spoke up, as Gwen gave me the news sometime before.
      "Seems Tosh died the same day I did."

      "Oh," Angie said with a sigh. She already knew everything that had happened
      that day. "All right, the bones need to be cleaned. Sadly that includes the
      skull. We're going to have to talk about that because that might be a little
      more tricky. Since I don't know if you guys have the Theramtic-Feltatious

      "What in the hell is that?" I asked.

      "Kind of like a microwave oven, but one you can put a cat in." Jack

      Gwen and Ianto looked at her, confused. Jack frowned. "That would be a big
      negative. We actually haven't run into one of those yet."

      "Listen, I've already lived through a nuclear meltdown. I don't think a
      microwave would be such a good idea."

      Gaila sat down. "Well, then we're going to have to do this the hard way."

      Angie grumbled. "That's going to be even worse," she said to Gaila.

      "What a damn minute? Why is that worse?" I asked.

      Ianto grabbed a piece of paper. "We might have a few things in the chemical

      "We could use one of the slabs in the morgue," Gwen offered.

      Jack nodded. "That would work. We've still got a lead-lined box from the 40s
      we borrowed from some guy called Zarkov. Now there was a guy obsessed with
      space craft."

      Angie fumed. "He's going to be drowning for a week if we do that!" she

      "What the hell? No, we'll find some other way," I announced.

      "There is no other way. Well, apart from doing a mental transfer," Jack

      Angie sighed with relief. "That would work better for you, Owen. I had
      already been thinking about that."

      Gwen spoke up. "Could someone explain it to us who can't speak Alien

      "Owen will basically possess Jack," Ianto explained.

      Gwen looked over at Ianto. �How do you know?�

      All Ianto did was smile, causing Gwen to groan. �Should have known.�

      "Oh, hell no. There is no way I'm getting in Jack," I yelled.

      Jack let out a laugh. "Well, you wouldn't be the first."

      I didn�t notice when Angie placed her hand on top of me. "Yeah, well if I
      have to possess anyone..." I declared, thinking of Angie.

      At that moment, there was a rush of light. I heard everyone yelling, as I
      felt myself fall backwards. Then just as quickly as it happened, it stopped.
      I could hear Gaila speak, but for some reason she was calling me Angie. Jack
      headed over. "Sweetheart, wake up."

      I blinked a couple of times at Jack. "Sweetheart? What are you going on
      about?" I asked.

      Then I stopped, realizing that I sounded exactly like Angie.

      Gaila looked over, with a smirk. "Knew she would do that."

      Jack frowned. "Do what?"

      At that point, I noticed Angie's hand in front of my face. I turned over and
      tried to get up, still not entirely sure what just happened. Gaila put her
      arm around my waist�or wait.

      She pulled me up. "Come on, Owen. Use the feet," she ordered. "You got a
      pair now."

      I grabbed the table and tried to make to my feet. I looked up at Gwen and
      Ianto, not knowing what to say to either one of them. I finally looked over
      at the reflection in the conference room windows. Angie was staring back at
      me. At that point, I actually fainted again.

      **To Be Continued**

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