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Torchwood Fanfic: Reflections (Chapter 3)

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  • LaVita
    *Chapter 3* Matron Lynch looked at me like a willing audience member. “All right, then what happened during the ship?” I sighed. “Well, it seems as a
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      *Chapter 3*

      Matron Lynch looked at me like a willing audience member. �All right, then
      what happened during the ship?�

      I sighed. �Well, it seems as a skull � I was very good with children.�


      Callie had acquired the attention of several more children, while the
      dinning staff cleaned up from the evening meal. I regaled them with tales
      from Torchwood, carefully leaving out anything that would not be appropriate
      for their age�.which is most of everything. Parts of it I just made up
      using bits from the Star Wars movies.

      Finally I got that question from one of them: �How come you�re a talking

      I huffed. �A fuc�.captain decided to bring me back to life.�

      Most of them looked confused, so one asked, �But how did you die?�

      �Well, I�died trying to save a princess.� Martha Jones would have gotten a
      kick of that description.

      That earned me a few looks of admiration from the girls. �Are you a knight?�

      I hesitated. �Ye...okay?�

      �Just how did you get to be a head?� Callie finally asked.

      I sighed, and decided to tell the truth. �The traffickers have been using
      me to hurt your people.�

      She frowned. �I�m sorry.�

      �Not your fault, kid.�

      After a while the other kids had wondered off, but Callie was pointing out
      to me different stars and telling me about the people who lived there.

      �Who taught you all of this?� I asked her.

      �My grandfather,� she answered sadly.

      I could sense her sadness. �I never met my granddad. We weren�t exactly a
      tight family.�

      �We used to be a big family, but now we�re just spread out all over the
      place.� Callie sighed, looked at her feet, but then smiled. �So can you do

      Felt a smart comment come out, but reminded myself that she was just a kid.
      �Besides be novelty office furniture�no.�

      Her little eyebrows grew together. �No one taught you how to move things?
      Because you know you can. My grandfather showed me. Plus I think if you can
      live to become a talking skull--you can at least move things with your mind.
      I think that�s in the rule book somewhere.�

      So while I was getting dis-embodiment lessons, Angie woke up�


      Angie pulled herself up from the cold floor to a sitting position. She
      looked around for a moment, a little confused, and then finally remembered
      that she was on a transport.

      She looked over at the bags. The skull was gone. Panic started to hit as she
      ripped open the bag and found nothing. She grabbed everything and then ran
      down the hall.

      After a moment, she ran into Alonzo. �Where is he? Owen�s gone,� she
      announced in a panic.

      The Midshipmen looked confused. �You mean the skull?�

      She glared at him. �No, I meant my poodle. Of course, I meant the skull.�

      At that moment, he got a call over his radio to come to the bridge. �Come
      on, we�ll tell the captain. It�s not like he could have gotten very far.�


      After a few lessons from Callie, I was actually able to move a table �
      making myself feel very much the Jedi I said to the kid.

      Callie looked confused. �What�s that?�

      I sighed. �Oh, you�ve never seen that film.�

      She shook her head. �Nope.� Then she added, "What's a film?"

      Suddenly a short blonde hostess came out. �No juniors allowed, you shouldn�t
      be in here.�

      Callie frowned. �We weren�t making any trouble.�

      The hostess came over. �Are you one of the children from down below?�

      Callie nodded, which caused a look of panic on the hostess�s face. �Oh no.�

      A member of the waiting staff came out. �Astrid, what�s that kid doing

      Astrid looked at him. �Charlie, She�s one of the Alorian children from down

      He took a jagged breath, as he took a moment to think. �We�ll hide her until
      they go by.�

      Callie looked frightened. �What�s wrong? Are the Traffickers here?�

      Astrid nodded. �Yes, sweetheart.�

      My heart sank (well, you know) as I heard those words. They must have
      followed us.

      Callie pointed to me. �Don�t forget Owen.�

      Astrid looked over at me, but she still let Callie retrieve me, as we headed
      towards the galley.

      The waiter looked out into the hallway. �They�re already aboard ship.�

      Callie�s breathing grew more anxious as her grip on me tightened. Astrid�s
      arms wrapped around the girl. �What do we do?�

      He looked over at something, and then pulled over a large coat, wrapping it
      around Astrid and Callie. �Get in the cooler,� he said, opening the door.

      Astrid pushed Callie all the way to the back of the cooler, as the door
      shut. �Everything will be all right, sweetheart.� She pulled a couple of
      empty sacks on the floor and sat down.

      Callie sat down, still holding me, next to Astrid. She wrapped the child up
      in the coat as they waited. �So who�s Owen?�

      �He�s my friend,� the girl said with a whimper.

      When she said that, I felt like smiling.

      Astrid managed a smile. �It�s good to have friends right now.�

      There was a few minutes of deadly silence and then we heard the waiter
      speaking. Callie whimpered and tucked herself closer to Astrid.

      Then suddenly his scream could be heard, and then the unmistakable sounds of
      a man�s neck being broke. Astrid held onto Callie a little harder, when
      suddenly the ship jerked hard. The door flew open, and both Astrid and
      Callie screamed. I could swear I heard the sound of gas - or what could have
      been gas - escaping.

      There was the familiar creaking sounds of a trafficker, and a thought came
      to me: Astrid and Callie were going to be dead in a moment.

      Both Astrid and Callie held onto each other tightly, as they screamed, as
      the door was slammed closed again. At that moment a blaster went off
      several times.

      After what seemed like forever, the door was reopened and I could hear

      �Come on, let�s go,� she directed in a more authoritative tone.

      Astrid let Callie up. �I thought we were goners for sure. Where�s Charlie?�

      Angie frowned, and nodded to a pile on the floor. Out of the corner of my
      eye, I could see the dead man. She ran over to him with a cry.

      Angie kneeled down in front of Callie. �So you�re the one that ran off with

      Callie started to cry, but Angie ran her hand through the girl�s hair. �It�s
      okay.� She took me from the girl�s small hands, and put me back in the bag.
      Thankfully she put the glasses back on. �You all right in there, Owen?�

      �Yeah,� I answered, relieved at the sound of her voice.

      She picked up Callie, while Astrid cried over the dead waiter.

      Finally Alonzo ran in. �Angie�� He saw the dead waiter and went to Astrid.
      �Oh, sweetheart.� He took her into his arms. �It�s going to be all right.�
      He passed her over to a waiting crew member. �Get her out of here,� he

      Angie looked over at him; trying to keep everything in check. �Sorry about

      He nodded, motioned for Angie to come out into the hallway.

      Angie headed out behind him. �You don�t need to help us anymore, Alonzo.
      You�ve already done more then most people.�

      He was looking up and down the hall. �No, I haven�t. Follow me.�

      Angie followed him down the hall as we passed different cabins, all
      belonging to the crew. Finally Alanzo stopped at a deserted cabin. �You can
      stay in here. We�re suppose to stop at Brile in the morning. Can you get
      another transport after that?�

      Angie nodded. �Yeah, main transport hub? No problem,� she answered, still
      holding Callie who had finally stopped crying.

      He looked grim. �What about her?�

      I heard Angie inhale deeply. �She�s coming with us. You think I�m going to
      leave her on this ship after what just happened?� She walked into the room.

      Alanzo shook his head. �Very true; I�m putting my transfer in as soon as we
      dock at our main port. I can�t take anymore of this ship.� With that, he
      shut the door.

      �Wait,� I finally spoke up. �Why is she coming with us? What about her
      family? What happened?�

      Angie put the girl on the bed. She had cried herself to sleep finally.

      �Because they�re dead,� Angie said softly. �All of them are dead. Everyone
      that was in the cargo hold. The Captain had to eject the cargo hold, or the
      Traffickers were going to blow up the ship.� She pulled the covers up over
      the girl.

      I hesitated. �Was it because of us?� I asked.

      �No, Owen,� she answered. �This has been going on for quite a while. Only
      this time, you saved someone.� She opened the bag and set me beside the
      sleeping girl.

      I could see on her face that she was fighting a bout of tears. �Give me a
      minute,� she said and headed into the bathroom.


      Lynch wiped a tear from her eye. �That poor child; all of you were lucky
      that the dealer showed up at the right time. A tough breed - the lot of

      I nodded. Didn�t want to tell her that Angie went into the bathroom and
      cried her eyes out.

      ***To Be Continued***

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