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Torchwood Fanfic: Reflections Chapter 2

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  • LaVita
    Chapter 2 The Matron looked at me with a smile. “Rather an adventurous start to your journey.” I took a sip of my tea. “More like blowing up real estate.
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      Chapter 2

      The Matron looked at me with a smile. �Rather an adventurous start to your

      I took a sip of my tea. �More like blowing up real estate. It didn�t kill
      them. They continued to chase her � sort of free floating nightmare thing.
      There was even fog.�

      The Matron frowned. �I�ve had those nightmares before.�

      I set the cup down. �I�ve had them all the time.�


      I could hear the pound of her feet on the pavement as her boots stuck the
      ground. Angie finally started to slow down and take a breath. She let out a
      quick laugh.

      I didn�t see the humor. �What�s so funny?�

      �I forgot to pay my rent,� she said, continuing to laugh.

      I laughed a little as well. �Think you can kiss your deposit good-bye as

      �Oh defiantly!� Angie added, and then stopped. She sniffed the air, and then
      bolted forward just as a large knarly hand lunged out. Angie spun around,
      pulled out a blaster from inside her jacket, taking a shot before running
      again down the street. She continued at breakneck speed until finally I
      could see that Angie was running for a spaceport. People were already
      getting on what looked like an orbital shuttle.

      Angie turned her head for a moment, and all I could make out was fog and
      blackness approaching, covering everything. This was wierd. I have to say, I
      know weird, and this was above and beyond the sort of weird shit my life had
      seen. Angie didn't stop to look any further, she continued for the ship.

      At that moment the last passengers boarded the ship. The two deck-hands
      started pulling the steps away, when Angie ran onto it and leaped onto the

      A couple of passengers helped her to her feet, as a crewmember came over.
      �Here now, luv. What�s going on?�

      Angie got to her feet, and looked at him with all the seriousness of the
      universe. �We need to leave right now, get space side. Look out of the

      The crewmember saw the look on her face, looked out the open hatchway. He
      backed away as if he had just witnessed something fowl. Screams could be
      heard outside, as the space dockworkers were being killed.

      Other passengers started to notice. He first hit the closer for the door,
      the heavy metal door slamming down and pulled a communicator out. �Pilot,
      this is Hatch four. Inform the Skipper we need to leave immediately. Code

      At that moment, the ship�s engines started to fire up and the ship started
      to move. The crewmember nodded as he and the other man started directing
      people to their seats. "Okay people. It's all okay. We'll be docking with
      the yacht in a short while."

      Angie took a breath, and looked out a window as if reassuring herself that
      we were leaving. The same crewmember came over. �You've just got away in
      time. We�ve got the ones who could leave down in steerage.�

      She took a jagged breath. �How many were you able to get on board?�

      He frowned. �I don�t know. Steerage is full though. Rumor is that the
      Captain was charging them Three hundred groubles a head.�

      �What?� I finally spoke up.

      The man looked at Angie. He hadn't seen her lips move. �You all right, luv?
      You sound different.�

      Angie cleared her throat. �What? Yeah.. sore throat. You saying the
      Captain's charging?�

      �Business,� he said simply, looking her over. �May I ask your occupation?�

      She turned her head slightly. �I�m a Death Dealer.�

      The man seized from the shock, and she moved passed him. He didn't stop her.

      I let out a snort. �Death Dealer: is that as bad as it sounds?�

      She stopped at a mirror, and nodded at her reflection. �Is there any other
      way for it to sound other than bad?� Angie shrugged. "Might have been worse.
      Could have said I was an exile DK..."


      Matron Lynch frowned. �I remember hearing about that incident but didn�t
      hear about the money. I once sent a couple of the sisters out to inquire
      about transport for the children should the need ever arise. A lot of
      unscrupulous people were taking advance of a terrible situation.�

      I nodded. �That was the day we met Alonso Frame, Astrid Peth, and even


      �So the Captain has this thing going on,� Midshipman Alonso explained, as he
      led us down below. He opened the door leading to the crowded hallway. Men,
      women, and children were sitting in the hallway. Some were crying. All of
      them had a look of desperation that I�ve known all too well.

      Alonso took out a large envelope and handed it to one of the men who came
      forward. He then smiled and returned to Angie.

      She had her arms crossed in front of her, and frowned. �What�s that?�

      He took a deep breath. �That was the money from the passengers that never
      made it onboard. You know missing the boat for one reason or another.
      Personally I�ve stopped trying to think about why they have.� Alonso looked
      back, as the man started giving the money out to the families.

      Angie smiled. �You�re giving it back to them?�

      Alonso nodded. �Yeah, since the other passengers never made it � a
      reasonable person can assume that payment was never made. Captain is none
      the wiser, since it�s never reported to him. Myself and about three other
      guys handle the money. If any passengers never make it on the ship, we
      collect that money and give it to the other Allorians who make it onboard.
      I use to think that it probably sounded a bit ghoulish, but one of them
      told me that they would do the same thing.�

      �Yeah. It�s their way,� Angie responded with a smile, looking around.
      Something caught my eye. A girl with a severe cut: �Turn back over to that

      This startled Alonso. �Who said that?�

      Angie grabbed Alonso and pulled him into the next room. �What the bloody

      I spoke up again. �Sorry, Angie gets testy sometimes. We had a bad night.�

      He looked around confused. �Who�s talking?�

      She covered Alonso�s mouth. �All right, short story or longer version?�

      Alonso blinked. �Short story is fine.�

      Angie took me out. �Hello,� I answered, feeling a little like a party favor
      or a circus freak on display. �Dr. Owen Harper.�

      �The Traffickers kidnapped a human and have been using him as spare parts to
      kill Alorians. Any questions?�

      Alonso looked at my skull, wide eyed and astonished. �Why isn�t he dead?�

      �I�ve been asking that question myself since it happened,� I answered.

      Angie continued. �A moron, who will remain nameless, brought Owen back to
      life, and you could stay�he�s just stuck here.�

      Alonso let out a whistle. �Wow, tough break.�

      �That�s the understatement of the year. Now can we get back to that girl out

      Angie blinked. �Yes, can you get us some medical supplies?�

      He nodded. �I have to go back upstairs but I�ve got a friend. I�ll send her

      Hours later, the girl was attended to and fast asleep with her family.

      Angie found herself a spot of floor next to them, and fell asleep herself. I
      sat up, stewing over things. I had now become stolen property for a bunch of
      killers, and I was being protected by another killer.

      �Jack Harkness, you fucking wanker � I�ll kill you if I ever get the chance.
      Not that it�ll do any good, I could always torture you for a few months.
      Pick and red hot pokers,� I muttered to myself.

      At that moment, I heard a small voice. �Why would you want to do that?
      That�s just mean.�

      Angie had me leaning against her bag, so I couldn�t see who was speaking.
      �Who said that?�

      A little girl finally moved over. She had brown hair and radiant blue eyes.
      It was the girl�s little sister. �Is this Jack Harkness person a bad man?�

      I hesitated. �Depends on who you talk to.�

      �Is he as bad as the Traffickers?� she asked in a small innocent voice.

      �Oh, definitely not.�

      She smiled. �My name�s Calliope Meadows, but everyone calls me �Callie��

      �Dr. Owen Harper,� I answered. �You do realize that you�re talking to a
      living skull?�

      Callie shrugged. �Everyone is different. I use to go to school with a girl
      that had a third eye. She always copied off of me.�

      �Oh,� I responded. �Interesting.�

      �I�m hungry,� she said with a smile. �You want to go with me, and see if we
      can find something to eat?�

      I honestly wasn�t in the mood to be carried around again, but still: �All
      right, let�s go.�

      **To be Continued**

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