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Re: Re : [torchwood] Americanization of Torchwood - No Spoilers

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  • leanne1672@aol.com
    There s also the cultural feel that s different. I lived in both America (as I am an American) and I lived in England for a year. There s a different energy to
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      There's also the cultural feel that's different. I lived in both America (as I am an American) and I lived in England for a year. There's a different energy to Britain. It's more relaxed. Sentences in Britain end with questions to encourage communication. The emphasis is on the "we" not the "I." Such as "Wow it's hot out there, innit?" It's a different feel and MD FELT American.

      On Sep 14, 2011, at 10:49 AM, JoAnne Briere <jojo_b_eve@...> wrote:

      > I won't go in details (am at work after all) but
      > the "feel" of a show is (my view) determined this way :
      > Accents (voice pattern, expression, idioms)
      > Car licence
      > Mailboxes
      > Road and highways
      > Architecture
      > Landmark (flags on building as an example)
      > Flora
      > Fauna
      > Driving (right or left side)
      > to name but a few.
      > Turn off the sound of your television and scan your channel.
      > Play a game , recognising the origin of a show
      > You'll have to use : landscape, architecture, car licences, road, landmark.
      > Have someone who's never seen Being Human. British and American version. Have the sound off. They'll be able to say the "origin" of the show.
      > That's what in my mind, one should look at, when trying to say if a show is Americanised, British-nised, Germanised,Canadianased and so forth.
      > If anyone ever watched "Due South" set in Chicago, you could identify it twofold, since one character wore "a very defining landmark piece of clothing" and the city itself was its own landmark.
      > Furthermore (gosh I mean to be concise, but can't do concise to save my life), things like photography, weather are other issues of identification. Weather is LA is remarkably different that weather in Cardif. Northern countries also have different pattern for the months of January, vs Southern countries. Photography can also be a defining part as in movie ,one can tell the style of a specific director, well in tv shows it can do. Budget and technology having lots to say in the matter.
      > Johanne
      > That would be the "feel" American vs the "feel' British.
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