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minor spoilers Torchwood: Miracle Day - Welsh Preview

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    Torchwood: Miracle Day - Welsh Preview Wednesday, June 22, 2011 - Posted by
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      Miracle Day - Welsh Preview

      Wednesday, June 22, 2011 - Posted by Chuck Foster


      After the blaze of publicity in London for Monday's preview of
      episode one of Torchwood: Miracle Day, another, lower key preview
      took place in Wales last night as cast and crew gathered to watch in
      Swansea, where UK filming took place earlier in the year.

      The preview took place at the Branwyn Hall (seen itself in the
      previous series, Children of Earth), and as with London the principal
      cast and crew were available to speak to the press, with an emphasis
      upon the show's Welsh roots.

      Russell T Davies, who was born in the city, told the
      Wales Evening Post:
      I don't come as often as I should, but it is lovely to be back.
      Torchwood has such a Welsh heritage, we wanted to bring it here to
      show it off and repay the city really.

      One of the first scenes in the first episode is at the (white
      National Trust) house in Rhossili. I spent my life wondering what it
      was like inside and I never thought we would get it, but lo and
      behold we managed it. It was a joy to film there and it looks epic and huge.

      It is an exciting adventure to be in Los Angeles and America at my
      age (48) but you will always come home to Swansea.
      Speaking to the
      Mail, he added:
      There is a fair bit of swagger in Miracle Day. We go to Dallas, Los
      Angeles, Washington as well as Wales. Of course, being in America
      meant more money, more production value, bigger explosions, but it
      was also very important to recognise Wales. If we had just shot it
      out there it would not have been believable.

      It is a Welsh show with Welsh characters, that is very important and
      is part of the reason why it works. The story starts in Wales, the
      middle is in America and it ends in Wales.

      Eve Myles said:
      We had the premiere in London on Monday, which was lovely, but this
      is the one I am really excited about.

      It was unbelievable to film at Rhossili, it was wonderful. I had
      always wanted to live at that house and the beach is where I walk my
      dog, so it was unbelievable to blow it up!

      It is one of the most important things on the whole show, a huge
      element of it is Welsh, the show will always have a link to Wales."

      BBC Wales have released a video with
      <http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-13872559>Bill Pullman at the
      event, talking about his character.

      Russell T Davies also featured on BBC Radio 4's
      Row last night, chatting to presenter Mark Lawson about taking
      Torchwood from the UK into the US, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and on
      other topics like the austerity measures within the BBC, the
      importance of the watershed, and his enthusiasm for his next writing project.

      Having talked about what would happen with The Sarah Jane Adventures,
      discussion then turned towards the audience that would watch
      Torchwood, and that though it isn't aimed for children some would
      still watch it through its Doctor Who/Captain Jack connection. Davies
      You have to be quite careful with it, more careful than you'd
      normally would be, because now obviously Torchwood goes out at 9
      o'clock, and we've got it coming up on BBC1 now, but we've never had
      Captain Jack swear because he's loved by children, and children will
      come to watch it. So we don't tone Torchwood down as such, there's
      still strong meat and there's some great visuals and some great gore
      in this show - and, you know, Captain Jack freely has an open and
      honest and wonderful sex life, but that's fine - it's just the
      harsher elements, the swearing and his actions as well - I don't
      think you're ever going to see Captain Jack stab someone brutally or
      something like that because he's a children's hero.
      Talking about the co-production deal, he said:
      The move to America partly coincided with the success of the last
      series of Torchwood which has allowed us to get co-production money.
      This new series of Torchwood is in conjunction with Starz, who are a
      premium cable network over there, so they brought a level of funding
      that we wouldn't have got from the BBC. I have to say if we hadn't,
      we could still have made this series. But you know, this
      co-production stuff is nothing new, you haven't seen a Dickens drama
      made for about 25 years that didn't have money from Boston in it or
      something, so this is the way of the world now, co-production money is natural.

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