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SPOILERS!!! TW MD: RTD explains more....

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    SPOILERS!!! TW MD: RTD explains more.... New videos for Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens, Transformers 3, and Breaking Dawn! Plus tons of Doctor Who,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2011
      SPOILERS!!! TW MD: RTD explains more....
      New videos for Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens,
      Transformers 3, and Breaking Dawn! Plus tons of
      Doctor Who, Torchwood, and True Blood spoilers!















      Russell T. Davies explains that just because
      everyone is suddenly immortal doesn't necessarily
      mean we'd act all that differently:

      Well, in episode three there's a great scene
      where Gwen and [CIA analyst] Esther walk through
      Washington at night, and it's kind of a wild
      atmosphere, because half of the world is out
      drinking and the other half are at home praying,
      so we are acknowledging that sort of stuff. But
      at the same time, I think you should never forget
      that during the greatest national crises people
      just go to work, and go home, and get on with it.
      If this really happened, you and I would just
      carry on as normal. If something conceptual and
      huge has happened, nonetheless, you've got a
      deadline tomorrow, and I need to go to work and
      write a script tomorrow, and if our granddad is
      ill in bed, he's still ill. So it's a very
      unusual concept, in that it's hard to dramatise
      in many ways. That's why I like it.

      He also gives a timeline for when we'll start to understand what's going on:

      "It's not one of those things that'll annoy you!
      Round about episode six you start to get concrete
      answers, and episodes nine and ten finally
      explain it all properly. But all the way through
      Jack's kinda ahead of the game in working out
      what's going on. It's a mystery, but in a way
      it's not that mysterious. Obviously something's
      happened to the world, but the most fascinating
      thing about what happens in terms of science
      fiction plotting is that it happens
      instantaneously. It's not a virus, it hasn't
      spread, it didn't take a day for it to travel
      from the North pole to the South pole; it's
      literally a flick of the switch and it's
      happened. To Jack, that instantly suggests what
      has happened, and that takes a few episodes to
      evolve. It's more about explaining what has
      happened to society while this has happened,
      that's the real meat of the story. But it is
      explained in the end, and finding it outÂ… this
      story goes back in history as well. We've got
      episodes that go back to 1927, so it's a broad
      story covering continents and covering time as
      well; it's one of those stories with a plot
      that's been planned for decades, so there's a lot
      of expanse and muscle in the story. The 1927
      stuff is beautiful. I'm giving away too much!"

      He also reveals that Bill Pullman's Oswald Danes
      escapes his murder sentence on the grounds that
      his execution was carried out to the best of
      everyone's ability, and his only way to survive
      out in a world that hates him is to try to ride
      the media wave. Davies also says that Lauren
      Ambrose's PR woman is the real villain of the
      story. There's a ton more at the link. [SFX]

      Here are some more promo photos. [Den of Geek]

      As was hinted at previously, Eliza Dushku will
      indeed star in a prequel for Torchwood, and it's
      in the form of a motion comic called Torchwood:
      Web of Lies. Jane Espenson and Ryan Scott
      co-wrote it, and Dushku is the star, but it also
      features John Barrowman and Eve Myles. [EW]

      Finally, in news that isn't nearly as exciting as
      it might sound, Ianto Jones is being brought
      back...but only for three radio plays set between
      the second season and Children of Earth. [Blastr]


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