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RE: [torchwood] great disservice

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  • Diana Williams
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      Thank you for your kind words.

      As for Jack and the destruction of his character and the concept of
      Torchwood 3 - I honestly don't know what RTD was thinking unless they
      were concerned that TW might pose some sort of popularity threat to DW?

      For all that RTD seems to have nothing but praise for John and Capt
      Jack, he has consistently dealt with Jack very poorly. I know that
      many were thrilled that the Doctor and Jack spoke during Utopia and
      apparently cleared the air between them but to my view it was a cop
      out. Did I need a huge touchy-feely-squishy scene between the Doctor
      and Jack? No! But in view of the situation for Jack - the life he's
      had to lead since Rose brought him back to life permanently - making
      that fixed point in space and time - the Doctor's explanation and
      lack of remorse for his actions - abandoning Jack on the satellite
      station in 200100 - just doesn't cut it for me. His excuse that he
      was at first affected by regeneration sickness and unable to deal
      with the 'wrongness' of Jack being a fixed point in space and time
      and later he just didn't want to deal with that 'wrongness' was total
      and complete bullsh!t as far as I'm concerned.

      If that was indeed the real and complete reason for abandoning Jack
      and then trying to runaway from him when Jack finally hooked up with
      the TARDIS in Cardiff - then that destroys a bit of the Doctor's
      character and credibility for me - cause it makes the Doctor a coward
      in the worst possible way. Sure he'll face disaster and universe
      threatening catastrophes, his enemies and monsters with nary a
      thought but the idea of facing a former companion that he abandoned
      with little thought makes him want to runaway? There are times when I
      agree with some of the Doctor's nemesis. The Doctor rarely sticks
      around the deal with the aftermath of his brilliant solutions that
      also so often lead to many deaths and massive clean ups and rebuilding.

      With Jack - the initial abandonment could easily be explained and
      understood - but the Doctor really had an obligation to help the man
      who had sacrificed his life to allow the Doctor to finish his delta
      wave generator. How cruel is it to allow Jack to think the Doctor did
      not know, could not possibly know that Jack was alive on the station?
      How cruel is it to allow Jack to find out the hard way that while he
      can die he cannot remain dead? How cruel is it to then rather
      off-handedly explain that he knew Jack was alive all along and just
      didn't want to be around him because according to the Doctor Jack was
      'wrong'. The Doctor punished Jack for what Rose did to him. She
      didn't know that she had done it and was simply unable to control the
      power of the Vortex but that didn't mean that Jack was responsible
      either. Yet, the Doctor never treated Rose differently because of
      what she had done to Jack or that she had destroyed the Dalek fleet.
      So why is Rose the 'favored' companion and Jack the 'wrong' companion?

      For me it comes down to RTD and his view of the Doctor, the
      companions - most especially Rose and of Jack. RTD appears to value
      the female companions far more than the male. And in the case of
      Jack he's created a character that many many fans love - a character
      with quirks and foibles and faults - a character that rose from a
      devil may care conman to a man that does the right thing when he can
      and is capable of making the hard decisions and living with the
      consequences. Yes, I do understand that the writers cannot possibly
      make everyone happy and cannot cater to their audience in all aspects
      but I stand by my statement - RTD has done and continues to do a HUGE
      disservice to Jack and to John.


      At 07:24 AM 7/30/2010, Carole Maddern, annotated:
      >Pfyre, as ever, you articulate beautifully and clearly, thanks for
      >your posts. I woke up today really annoyed with the whole COE
      >destructon of Jack. When did he suddenly become so utterly inept,
      >dependent on others to initiate and motivate, incapable of
      >formulating the slightest sensible plan??! I mentally listed Captain
      >Jack's actions in COE and realised how feeble they all are, with one
      >exception: saving Gwen and Ianto from the bomb. But every other
      >single step he takes is disastrous, idiotic, or prompted by other
      >people; in short RTD just about destroyed Jack's character. Why?
      >That fantastic hero figure built up over all the DrWho and early TW
      >arcs, then dismantled. I think 'disservice' hardly begins to cover
      >the demolition job!
      >Rant over (for now...)
      >Regards to all.


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