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Guest list: John Barrowman

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    [] From The Times March 13, 2010 Guest list: John Barrowman The king of light entertainment gets heavy - sort of - about . . . Interview by Alex Hardy Coffee
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      From The Times
      March 13, 2010
      Guest list: John Barrowman
      The king of light entertainment gets heavy - sort of - about . . .
      Interview by Alex Hardy

      "Coffee with a straw for Mr Barrowman," requests
      the PR at Sony's HQ, a place with so many
      ice-white surfaces and on-trend cardies that it
      could be where the über-cool go to be
      cryogenically frozen. A straw? This surely reads
      "diva" as unambiguously as Barrowman's press
      release ["Britain's most successful - and
      comfortably Britain's best - all-round
      entertainer"]? Yet our chat wasn't quite the
      one-dimensional ego-centric camp-fest that was
      expected. He doesn't want to talk about his new
      album - "bo-ring!" - but does want to eulogise on
      the epiphanies he's had while scuba diving. He's
      about to swerve his Torchwood heroics for a stint
      as Desperate Housewives' latest bad boy. He's a
      petrolhead who will read Nuts magazine if it's
      got cars in it [even if he does christen his own
      with names like "Beyoncé"]. He's also amazingly
      un-divaish as he laughs off the straw thing - his
      teeth are newly whitened but he loves coffee too
      much to forgo it ["and you can tell anyone
      that."]. But he puts his foot down about his
      ideal duet date - Céline Dion, no one else. Will
      he ever be cool? Probably not. Would your mum
      love his album for Mother's Day? Almost
      certainly. His self-titled album is out now [johnbarrowman.com]

      Forbidden pursuits

      There are three things I really like to do - but
      when I'm under contract in no way am I allowed to.

      Scuba diving There's something about being under
      water - the peace. Having just you and your
      breath and your breathing rhythm, just floating.
      It's like you're flying. I love wreck dives
      because you're seeing a part of history that has
      disappeared. Like on the SS Thistlegorm off the
      coast of Egypt - you actually see this stuff as
      it was the day it sunk. I also did a night dive
      near Cozumel in Mexico and freaked myself out a
      bit, but in a good way. After coming to the
      surface alone I just sat there for about ten
      minutes and looked underneath at all of these
      little lights going on and looked up to a
      pitch-black sky with all these stars in it, and
      it was the first moment in my life that I realised how small we actually are.

      Rock climbing On a wall at speed, you don't have
      that much time to debate things. You just have to
      do it and I think that's the way that you have to live your life.

      Snowboarding One of the most blissful snowboards
      I've had was in Whistler. There's a beautiful
      glacier that takes about an hour and a half to
      get down. There's a theme here about peace and quiet.

      Classic cars

      I still have all of my original Matchbox toys
      from when I was a little boy. I would say to my
      dad, if ever I could afford to have a hobby it
      would be these cars but for real. I have about ten cars now, including ...

      A C70 convertible She's jet-black. [Her name]
      will sound really terrible - it's Beyoncé! She's
      got a great booty and ... I love the headlights
      on her - you know what I'm talking about!

      A 1936 Dodge She's named Zaza after the drag
      character that I did in La Cage Aux Folles - she's bright red.

      A Mercedes 3SL The kind that Pamela Ewing drove.
      Her name's Elpheba, after the wicked witch in Wicked.

      A Range Rover She is totally blinged out. Let's
      call her Rose after the Doctor Who sidekick who
      brought [my character] Jack back to life.

      A Cadillac CTX This one looks like a Transformer. She has an aggressive sound.

      Film idols

      Gene Kelly For me he was a better dancer and
      performer than Fred Astaire. I love any film he
      did, but there's one with Judy Garland where he
      does this dance, jumping around from one building
      to another, like free running before it was even done.

      James Cagney Yankee Doodle Dandy [pictured below
      left] was the first musical theatre album I ever
      bought in 1976. Any time it's on I watch it - because of the style of dance.

      Favourite TV

      Avatar Because of the things that it says about
      diversity and ecosystems - and the fact that
      part-way through the movie when you're watching
      them as avatars you've forgotten that they're
      actually digital animation. Having dealt in
      Doctor Who and Torchwood with a lot of
      technology, to see that it has come that far is amazing.

      Lost I have it on my iPhone but can't watch it on
      a plane! I'm excited it's the last series. I
      wanna know answers - I think they have to give
      the answers because people will be really ticked
      off. They have to explain everything, and if they
      don't I'll be ringing someone up.

      Glee My favourite, because I was in a swing choir
      at school and it has brought musical theatre things back to TV.

      Desperate Housewives I'm going to play a villain
      and upset all the women on Wisteria Lane.

      The TV show I could really do without is Time
      Team - they only find a piece of arrow head in
      about two hours - that's really engaging television . . .


      Precious and rare all Love is, gender matters not.
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