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Re: [torchwood] The Oncoming Storm

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      Subject: [torchwood] The Oncoming Storm

      > > If you remember "Fragments", Jack had a full staff before events of
      > > "Everything Changes". A >member of his staff had put on an alien device
      > > that let him see the future, a future where it was >better he kill off
      > > everybody he worked with rather than let them live through it. He then
      > > massacred >every member of Torchwood except for Jack. He killed himself
      > > because he saw "The Oncoming >Storm".

      Actually, Alex was the head of the team and Jack just a member of the team.
      Alex killed everyone off, but obviously he would be unable to kill Jack. He
      gave Torchwood to Jack.

      > As I have stated before, last year at his Book Soup autograph signing, I
      > asked John Barrowman >exactly was "The Oncoming Storm" and he stated it
      > was going to be massive alien invasion. As that >has not happened and we
      > are hearing almost nothing about Torchwood Series Four, once can infer
      > >that if this killer member of Torchwood felt it was better to be dead
      > than to live through this >invasion, imagine this:
      >> Dean L. Kaufman
      > Santa Ana, CA Earth

      I'm not sure what JB was talking about but "The Oncoming Storm" is a
      nickname for the Doctor. I think the Earth has had it share of massive alien
      invasion already. I'm not sure anything can top Toclafanes and Daleks.

      With the lack of continuity in TW and now the complete eradication of season
      1 and 2, I don't think we'll ever find out Alex was talking about. For all
      we know, he was talking about the Toclafanes and the Master.
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