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Re: [torchwood] Digest Number 25

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  • Patrick Power
    So, if it was LATE in the 20th century, probably wasn t from the Roswell crash then. LOL whomiga@missingpiece.com wrote: Actually, the information given in
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 17, 2006
      So, if it was LATE in the 20th century, probably wasn't from the Roswell crash then. LOL

      whomiga@... wrote:
      Actually, the information given in the Christmas Invasion infers that the
      alien technology used at the end of the story was found in the late 20th
      century, so Torchwood might have been around since the late 20th century.
      (I wouldn't be half surprised if some of that technology came back to the
      20th century with Jack)

      > I think you mean 21st century.  Heh...
      >   Either way I guess we can't speculate yet.  I'm guessing the show won't
      > be out until third or fourth quarter of 2006.
      >   Even then those of us in the States will have to find alternative means
      > of watching it. Hopefully at least one fan in the UK will know how to
      > digitize it in the European HDTV standard.
      > "Richard H. Poser II" <whomiga@...> wrote:
      >> Message: 2
      >>   Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 11:12:45 -0600
      >>   From: Janet <jlreimer@...>
      >> Subject: Re: DR'S JACK TAKES ON ITV SOFA
      >> It's the same character in both shows.
      > The big question, I suppose is how Captain Jack makes it back from
      > Satelite 5 to the 20th century - But, being a rogue time agent he probably
      > has a rogue time ship hanging around (or is picked up by another rogue
      > time traveller at some point).
      > Richard

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